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3T talking about new music and touring with Janet Jackson

3T Talking about new  music and touring with Janet Jackson




3T Presents personal Michael Jackson Top 10

Friday, 28 august 2015

NPO Funx had an interview with 3t and they gave their personal top 10 of Michael Jackson songs.

3t took a pause before their come back. This wasn't just caused by problems with their record lables, but TJ also wanted to take care of Michael Jackson's children together with Katherine Jackson.

TJ: “It’s hard to do this career as 3T and not be there with them when they just go to the real world without their father.”

3T knew where Michael Jackson's kids where going through because they also lost their mum on a very young age.

Source: Funx.nl Friday, 28 august 2015

Michael's Children's Hospital


This is a weekend full of great ideas and news. September being the month MDF was born we created a donation account with Good360.This is an awesome company.

They receive quality name brand donations of goods and charities and foundations like ours can request these items by paying the small admin fee associated with each case load of items.

MDF was able to give to over 500 children this past year because of the amount of toys we were able to get with your donations. We would like to keep this program going as it fits the needs of MDF the best. We would like to do one more good deed for the children this year and because of our very first toy delivery was such a small one we would like to go back and deliver more toys to the children in Gary Indiana. Please send your gift of donation here