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The UK's oldest Michael Jackson Fan Club. Bringing you all the latest official news, exclusive competitions, photos and information on events for all the fans
Italian Michael Jackson Forum
¡Bienvenido! Somos la mayor comunidad fan de Michael Jackson en todo Internet. 
Michael Jackson's House, since 1997. A Michael Jackson site made by fans and made for fans. Started by Michael White in 1997
It was a life-long dream of Michael's to build children's hospitals all over the world, which would not only treat their illnesses medically, but would also provide quality emotional and psychological support for those with life-threatening or long-term illnesses.
 Ein Michael Jackson Forum in Gedenken und zu Ehren des grössten Wohltäters und Entertainers aller Zeiten
Bienvenue sur le site du fan club belge de Michael Jackson et de la famille Jackson. Retrouvez ici news, photos, vidéos, évènements, et plus encore !  
French Michael Jackson Discussion Board
Michael Jackson Discussion Forum
Italian Michael Jackson Forum
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