Bliss Kids Adjustable Verstelbare Rollerskates

Chaya - Bliss Kids Adjustable - Verstelbare Rollerskates

De Chaya Bliss rollerskate is de nieuwste innovatie en is de eerste in zijn soort met een gloednieuwe constructie.

De skates zijn te verstellen in maat waardoor deze kan meegroeien met uw zoon of dochter ...en het veranderen van de maat gaat snel en eenvoudig, door gewoon de hendel op de achterkant van de schaats te draaien.

De schoen zal altijd zijn oorspronkelijke vorm behouden dit omdat alleen de de interne neuskap beweegt (naar voren en naar achteren) waardoor u de maat kunt aanpassen.

De skate maakt indruk met geweldige kwaliteit, comfort en de perfecte hoeveelheid ondersteuning.

De stijve en sterke composietplaat van Chaya Aja met offset-teenstop en power toe, Octo Paseo 54x38mm PU-wielen en Wicked ABEC 5 lagers maken deze skate compleet en zo een geweldige pakket. 

Let op ! Dit zijn recreatie skates en niet geschikt om mee te springen. 


  • VEGAN: Yes
  • CLOSURE: standard lacing 
  • INNERSOLE: thin EVA innersole
  • NAME PLATE: Chaya Aja
  • MATERIAL PLATE: glass - fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
  • MOUNTING STANDARD: Standard Mounting
  • TRUCKS: AL casted 
  • AXLE TYPE: standard with screw 
  •  (PTS): Yes
  • CUSHIONS: polyurethane-cushions
  • WHEELS: Octo SPECTRUM 62mm | 38mm 78A
  • BEARINGS: WCD Wicked bearings ABEC 5
  • WEIGHT LEFT: 1365g (33-35 EU)
  • STOPPER: Classic
  • MATERIAL OF STOPPER: Polyurethane

The Chaya Bliss roller skate is our newest innovation and is the first of its kind featuring a brand new construction.  This child‘s skate will grow with your child‘s feet... and changing the size is quick and easy, by simply turning the lever placed on the rear of the skate.

The boot will always keep its original form as only the internal toe cap moves forwards and backwards allowing you to adjust the size. The skate impresses with great quality, comfort and the perfect amount of support. 

The rigid and strong Chaya Aja composite plate with offset toe stop and power toe, Octo Paseo 54x38mm PU-wheels as well as Wicked ABEC 5 bearings complete this great package and provide a smooth and pleasant roll.

€ 99.95

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ABEC7 Bearings (16Pack) Skate Lagers

BSB ABEC 7 Bearings (16Pack) - Skate Lagers

Abec 7 lagers hebben de meest effectieve combinatie voor een zeer grote precisie gemaakt van hoogwaardige kwaliteit.

Lagers die minder slijtgevoelig zijn en zeer geschikt voor hogere snelheid.

  • Verpakt per 16 stuks
  • Maat 22mm buiten en 8mm binnen (608)

Abec 7's have the most effective combination of the tightest tolerances and high quality materials equipped with a single shield. Abec 5's are equipped with double stainless steel shields for contamination resistance. Abec 3's are equipped with double stainless steel shields and engineered for all skating style.

€ 34.95

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Genesys JR flat set up Verstelbare Stunt Skates

Razors - Genesys JR - Verstelbare Stunt Skates

Verstelbare kinder stunt skates in die verstelbare maten: EU 36 - 39/US 3 - 6

Deze vallen kleiner als vermeld, in de praktijk eerder 34-37

Razors introduceert de nieuwe Genesys Junior Skate: met functies zoals een voering met een anatomische enkelvorm, stevige Ground Control-frames, volledig vervangbare soul / backslide plates en een 56 mm wielen,  deze skates zijn sterk en bovendien verstelbaar


  • Extra dikke voering
  • Gelede enkelvorm en hielondersteuning
  • Professionele gespontvanger
  • Wielen maat 56 mm 
  • Verstelbaar bereik van maat 3-6 (EU36-39)
  • Stevig soul Frame-platform
  • Vervangbare terugschuifplaat
  • Schokabsorberend hielkussen
  • Grondbedieningsframe
  • Anti-rocker slijpschijven
  • Grote centrale opening voor eenvoudig malen


Razors is introducing the new Genesys Junior Skate: With features such as a liner with articulated ankle shape, sturdy Ground Control frames, fully replaceable soul/backslide, and a 56mm Razor wheel/42mm grind wheel combo, these skates will hold up to the toughest beatings the little guys can dish out.

The padding of the liner features the same construction and heel support as Razors adult skates. We’ve also upgraded the buckle and slapped 56mm wheels on the outside for faster speeds and a smoother riding experience, and kept in the 42mm plastic grind wheels to increase the H-block area, increasing the skater’s ability to grind almost any obstacle.

To make sure that the fun doesn't stop when your feet grow, Razors came up with a solution to make the skate adjustable from size 3 to 6 (EU 36 - 39) without compromising on sturdiness or performance: the skate consists of 2 boot shells that are attached to a soul frame platform and can be adjusted to the front AND back. This creates a sturdy connection and makes sure the balance of the skater will not be changed when the size is being adjusted.


  • Extra thick liner padding
  • Articulated ankle shape and heel support
  • Professional buckle receiver
  • Adult size 56 mm grade wheels
  • Adjustable range from size 3-6 (EU36-39)
  • Sturdy soul Frame platform
  • Replaceable backslide plate
  • Shock absorbing heel pad
  • Ground Control frame
  • Anti-rocker grind wheels
  • Large center gap for easy grinds

€ 169.95

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Cleaner Kit Onderhoud

Bones Cleaner Kit - Onderhoud

Finally, a bearing cleaning unit brought to you by the bearing company by which all quality standards are measured.

  • Made of fluorinated high density polyethylene
  • 7 spacers for a good flush in less time
  • Cleans up to 8 bearings at a time
  • Cleans all skate bearings
  • Bearings and solvents not included

Instruction for the Bones Cleaner kit :

  1. Gently remove the non-contact rubber shield of the bearing by prying upwards from the center using a push-pin or by pressing it out from the back using a paper clip or pen knife. Do not clean the rubber shields with any solvent as this will cause the rubber to blister and ruin the fit on the bearing.
  2. Gently wipe them clean using a clean cloth or use soapy water. If you choose to use soapy water make sure to dry the shields completely before putting them back onto the bearing. We have tried many cleaners and solvents and have several recommendations. Citrus-based cleaners work but can leave a slight oily residue on the bearing. Solvents are more dangerous to use but often provide a more superior solution to cleaning dirty bearings. If you choose to use solvents we recommend wearing latex gloves and working in an area that is well ventilated. Solvents we recommend are Acetone Methyl Ethyl Ketone Citrus cleaner and Denatured alcohol. All of these can be found in the paint section of your local hardware store. Products we DO NOT recommend are petroleum-based products like; paint thinner gasoline kerosene lacquer thinner turpentine or anything that contains tolulene. These solvents aren’t adequate cleaners and should not be used in the bearing cleaning unit. Whatever you use make sure to dry your bearings and add the lubrication to them as soon as possible to keep them from rusting.
  3. Take your bearings and place them on the axle (metal rod on the lid) alternating from one bearing to one spacer till all 8 bearings are on the axle. For best results make sure that the ball side of the bearing is facing upwards. Fasten them down finger tight onto the axle using the wing nut.
  4. Fill the bearing-cleaning unit up about 1/3rd of the way full with your cleaning solution and seal the cap.
  5. Agitate the cleaning solution by shaking the bottle.
  6. Shake for about 30 seconds open the lid and give the bearings a spin to free up any debris and recap the bottle.
  7. Shake until you are satisfied that your bearings are cleaned completely. To make sure they are clean spin the bearings on the axle.
  8. Remove the bearings from the axle and dry with a clean lint free towel. We also recommend blowing the bearings out with a can of compressed air which you should be able to find at any electronics or office supply store. Be careful when doing this as you don’t want the solvent to get in your eyes or all over the place. Make sure to blow them out over a towel.
  9. Once the bearings are clean and dry the next step is to lubricate them. We have found through the years of testing that our Bones Speed Cream™ is the best light oil lubricant for your skate bearings. Put two drops of the lubricant per bearing and spin the bearing between your fingers to distribute the lubricant throughout the entire bearing. If you have ceramics only one drop of lubricant is needed.
  10. The next step is to put the rubber shields into position. They should just slip right into place with very little force.
  11. Occasionally you will see a wrinkle along the inner race edge. To get rid of this simply run your thumb over it lightly in a circular fashion.
  12. Now you’re ready to install the bearings back into the wheel. If you choose to use solvents please make sure to dispose of it properly. Most solvents will have disposal instructions on the container. Please be sure to be environmentally friendly and dispose of your cleaning agents in a responsible manner.

Bearings and solvents not included in package.

€ 13.50

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Longboard Onderdelen

ABEC5 Bearings (16 Pack) Skate Lagers

BSB ABEC5 Bearings (16 Pack) - Skate Lagers

Abec 5 lagers zijn top lagers voor inlineskates en rollerskates.

Lagers die minder slijtgevoelig zijn en geschikt voor recreanten.

  • Verpakt per 16 stuks
  • Maat 22mm buiten, 8mm binnen (608)

Abec 7's have the most effective combination of the tightest tolerances and high quality materials equipped with a single shield.

Abec 5's are equipped with double stainless steel shields for contamination resistance.

Abec 3's are equipped with double stainless steel shields and engineered for all skating style.

€ 29.95

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RD Bumsaver Crashpants

Triple Eight - RD Bumsaver - Crashpants 

De Triple Eight RD Bumsaver is ontworpen in samenwerking van derby-spelers specifiek voor de impact op te vangen bij Roller Derby.

Ontworpen met de hulp van derby-meiden specifiek voor de stoten en kneuzingen van Roller Derby.

  • Lycra body zorgt voor een koele en aansluitende pasvorm
  • Verwijderbare schokabsorberende EVA-schuimkussentjes maken ze aanpasbaar en gemakkelijk te wassen
  • Brede stuit en stootkussens om uw belangrijkste bezittingen te beschermen
  • Handige, kleine binnenzak voor uw gebitsbeschermer, ID, contant geld, enz.
  • Licht en flexibel voor totaal algemeen comfort
  • Korte beenlengte
  • Maten - S, M, L, XL


  • S - Kleine taille 26 "- 30" 66 - 76,2 cm
  • M - Medium taille 29 "-" 33 "73,6 -83,8 cm
  • L - Grote taille 32 "- 38" 81,2 - 96,5 cm
  • XL - Extra grote taille 36 "- 42" 91,4- 106,7 cm


Designed with the help of derby girls specifically for the bumps and bruises of Roller Derby.

• Lycra body provides a cool and snug fit
• Removable shock absorbing EVA foam pads make them customizable and easy to wash
• Broad tailbone and butt padding to protect your most important assets
• Convenient, small inside pocket for your mouthguard, ID, cash, etc.
• Light and flexible for total overall comfort
• Short leg length
• Sizes - S, M, L, XL

S - Small Waist 26" - 30"               66 -76,2 cm
M - Medium Waist 29" - "33"          73,6 -83,8 cm
L - Large Waist 32" - 38"               81,2 - 96,5 cm
XL - Extra Large Waist 36" - 42"     91,4- 106,7 cm

€ 54.95

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Balance Bike Black Loopfiets

Micro Balance Bike Black - Loopfiets 

Deze nieuw ontwikkelde loopfiets van het Zwitserse Micro is de ideale aanvulling op de eerste step van uw kind en de perfecte voorloper van een fiets met trappers. Motorische vaardigheden, coördinatie en evenwichtsgevoel worden op een speelse manier gestimuleerd.

Het lage fame zorgt voor een gemakkelijke instap en de grote luchtbanden bieden stabiliteit en zorgen voor maximaal comfort. Het ergonomisch gevormde zadel ondersteunt de loopbewegingen van het kind perfect.

Het is gemakkelijk in hoogte verstelbaar, zodat de Micro Balance Bike met uw kind kan meegroeien, wat jaren plezier biedt.


This newly developed balance bike from the Swiss Micro is the ideal addition to the first step of your child and the perfect precursor to a bicycle with pedals. Motor skills, coordination and sense of balance are stimulated in a playful way. The low fame ensures easy entry and the large pneumatic tires offer stability and ensure maximum comfort. The ergonomically shaped saddle perfectly supports the child's walking movements. It is easily adjustable in height, so that the Micro Balance Bike can grow with your child, which offers years of fun

€ 99.95

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Micro steps

76mm Wheels Bearings Pack Skate Wielen

ROLLERBLADE - 76mm Wheels & Bearings Pack - Skate Wielen

Rollerblade 76mm wielen inclusief lagers en spacers.

Rollerblade maakt het weer eenvoudig met deze voorgemonteerde vervangingsconfiguratie op 76 mm 80A.

Perfect voor outdoor inline skaten met net voldoende grip.

Geassembleerd met Rollerblades SG5-lagers om recht op je schaatsen te gooien en op weg te gaan naar het parcours.

Prijs is voor 8 wielen en 16 SG5-lagers, inclusief 8 lagers van 8 mm, afgedichte lagers om elementen buiten te houden - niet onderhoudbaar Wordt geleverd.

De Rollerblade wielset bestaat uit 8 wielen, 16 lagers en 8 spacers.


Rollerblade 76mm wielen inclusief lagers en spacers.
Rollerblade makes it easy once again with this pre-assembled replacement setup at 76mm 80A.

Perfect for outdoor inline skating with just enough grip.
Assembled with Rollerblades SG5 bearings to be able to throw right on your skates and head to the trail.

Price is for 8 Wheels & 16 SG5 Bearings, Eight 8 mm bearing spacers included, Sealed Bearings to keep elements out - Not Serviceable Comes assembled.

De Rollerblade wiel set bestaat uit 8 wielen, 16 lagers en 8 spacers.

€ 54.95

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Wielen Recreatie Fitness

Pattern Fill OG Bear Griptape Sheet 9.0 Griptape

Grizzly Pattern Fill OG Bear Griptape Sheet 9.0 - Griptape

Voorzie je skateboard van een nieuwe look met de pattern fill og bear griptape van Grizzly.

Deze griptape is zelfklevend en heeft een cut out van het klassieke beertje.

€ 17.95

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