May 15, 2022

Frances: “I covered it no i can not say that to the camera.”

TJ: “Maxi do you want yo say what she said.”

Frances: “No”

Maxi: “No comment.”

Unknown: “I did not recall”

Frances: “It says temporarly closed.”

TJ: “What is closed honey?”

Frances: “Copper and Steel Restaurant with the Big Jumbo pretzel. I really wanted that pretzel”

TJ: “I will jump in the car. You just do some research.”

Frances: “Where are you gonna get a big jumbo pretzel with cheese sauce from?

Okay we’ll see it says temporarily close and then from here it says four to ten ”

TJ: “Let’s call it.”’

Copper and Steel phone: “For reservation press one. For meeting or event inquiries press two. Press four for billing inquiries .”

Frances: “Quatro it is”.

Copper and Steel: “How may i help you?”

Frances: “Hi what time do you guys close?”

Copper and Steel: “We close at  10.”

Frances: “Okay so if i ordered something in about 30 minutes I’’ still be okay.”

Copper and Steel: “Yes, that is fine.”

Copper and Steel: “Okay thank yo uso much.”

TJ: “So there you go, you get some food.”

Frances: “Jumbo pretzel , jumbo pretzel.”

TJ: “So today’s date is june 14 2021 and we got a little vacation away from the kids .”

Is That An Excuse Or A Reason?

Taryl: "It’s 2.40 a.m. Still in Nashville Tenessee but I’m about to leave in 2 hours and 20 minutes to go to the airport. Then I’m landing LA. Gonna rehearse the third and the fourth with my brothers and then on the 5th we’re flying to France. We arrive on the sixth, we perform on the 7th and then we go back to LA on the 8th.

There is a difference between  an excuse and a reason. I’ll let you decide which one this is. I’m here in Strasbourg France with the Sony FX3. Synotone is the picture profile . i’m using the Ecm Xm1 microphone in the hotel room.  I have a show to do in about four hours. We go on at midnight. It’s a little different but. I started working on a video. I started editing a video. Taj gave ma a call and had to drop something off. He checked out the video so far where I was in progress which was not really that far.  I was at a dillema. Already it’s been a crazy week. From the time i started Nashville going to LA, coming here. It’s just been crazy. I’m in the process of moving. But the real problem the real thing is that this computer that i have here it’s making it really hard. I’ve learned alot this week. I made a mistake.

I used the Pocket 2, I used the FX3 and I used the Zv1 and i think the mistake was using the  ZV1 but now it’s tree cameras instead of two. I just made things a lot more difficiult than I need to be. Which is something I knew but something I did not follow. Let’s cut to it. not really having a video this week because the video that i want to create I don’t really have the time to create. Is that an excuse or a reason?

How a Dog Ended Up in Our House

Frances: “Oh that’s pee. Don’t step in it and i told my husband that this was gonna happen. This is all pee . So you are in charge of getting old towels.”

TJ:”I was going grabbing my phone which has to be somewhere because i grabbed it. And saw alerts on the camera, security camera. So I saw the dog and i’m like is that a coyote? And then I noticed it was a dog. So then I opened the door because I obviously I’m not afraid of a dog. I think he heard a coyote or coyotes because he will not go outside.”

Jo Jo: “No that boys she is gonna kill us.”

TJ:”And then you are gonna put it back in there?”

Jo Jo: “What  am i supposed to do it’s water it’s not gonna kill anyone.”

  TJ: ”Mama she almost used a regular bowl. I stopped her. I get that credit and now she is looking for”.

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