Janet Jackson’s Dad Pushed Her to Pursue Show Business Over Law | The Tonight Show

“The documentary “Janet Jackson” premiered  last week hug hit. Over 15 million people watched this and loved it. How does it feel to have it finally come out?”

Janet: “-My gosh- it feels great. And i’m so happy. I’m very thankful that so many people watched and enjoyed it. I mean beyond, beyond, beyond”.

Jan 15 2022 Livestream

Taj Jackson:

“Allright I think I’m live now. Let’s get this party started. I’m gonna ask for a lot of comments from you guys because I’m actually very curious of what’s going on with you guys as well do you have a couple of topics that i’d like to discuss?

As you can tell I’m in a new location from last  time i think I did a live stream maybe not. But yeah I’ve moved since last year and it’s been an interesting journey to say the least but i’m i love the energy here and I’m you know very excited about it and before I just jumped into it.

Hey everyone. I’ve seen a lot of Hi’s and i forgot to say hi to you guys so hello.

Growing Up In The Iconic Jackson Family & Focus ON Craft vs. Scoreboard —

“Tell me about Austin pre-pandemic and Autin now?”

Austin: “Austin pre-pandemic felt like i always consistently did not have enough time I always trying to figure out something next to do and what is going to happen next if you know. Pre-pandemic we were in the middle of producing a couple of records. My partner Brian Londen and I on the production end so at that time we were in the middle of producing.

We just finished up a tour with Ashley and Evan and we had just been producing a few new artists here and there and i had wrapped up working at the Macy Gray

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