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The Days that Count



“The beauty of this channel is it is what is and you get what you get I guess the flipside of it is it is what it is if you get what you get.”

“Here we are another video, another week and wasn’t feeling it, straight up honest this week has been a little bit down, i’m not trying to make this a negative video or making it a poor me video or make it a sad video just being honest here.

I don’t  want to just show one side of things I want to show everything, well not all things just somethings.

I think it is important to show some of the struggles some of the hard times that what shows growth that what shows the realness of it.

I want this to be authentic, i want this to be true I want it to be real and the truth is this week has not been the greatest. To start of with my family is back in LA and that already makes it a little bit difficult. I don’t like being away from them.”