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New live Q&A

This Q&A from March 9th 2022  with TJ Jackson answers the questions like

How did TJ's brothers and family react to Frances being pregnant?

It’s a day before Rio’s 7th  birthday and he changed wat he wanted to do with his birthday several times already. Rio wanted to go to Paris, to Vegas, Rio wanted to go tot he Eiffeltower in Vegas.

Frances had a first appointment for Lasik surgery for reading glasses. They are fixing only one eye. This is called Mono Lasik.

When TJ Jackson first wanted to rented a house Frances already had a daughter and a son.  They asked Frances Jackson of TJ Jackson was her son. They remind eachother of that story.

Michael Jackson told Taryll Jackson and Taj Jackson that Frances Jackson was pregnant. He told Taj Jackson and Taryll Jackson that they where going to be uncles because Frances and TJ where having a baby. TJ Jackson was scared to tell Taj and Taryll that Frances was pregnant because of the group 3T. TJ was afraid that his brothers where going to be afraid that a child was going to hinder 3T.

TJ Jackson wanted to be a young father and was looking for a purpose in his life. His uncle Michael Jackson had a very positive impact in the life of TJ Jackson certainly after the death (murder) of TJ’s mum.