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What is Wrong With Your Generation?

Q&A With TJ Jackson and Royal Jackson

TJ Jackson: “What is going on everyone?It is me TJ Jackson and with me is my eldest birtson being mr Royal Jackson.

Royal:”Oh my gosh””

TJ Jackson: “You got such a low voice Royal. Anyways we are live of course on march 23th wedsnesday here on the Family Rules Channel and of course it's not Frances, it’s Royal today because Franny is still recovering from our operation. She is doing very well.

I want to thank everyone for all the very nice and kind messages . She’s felt that love from the beginning and it means a lot to me and of course the whole family

so thank you guys for being you and for supporting her. There is going to be a vlog on it in the next couple of weeks. So if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe tot his channel so that you can catch the vlog when we premiere it and in case anyone doesn’t know. Whenever we  premiere a vlog we always go in 10 sometimes 15 minutes early to chat with you.

So if you guys want to chat with us prior tot the vlog premiere and watch the premiere with us  make sure to join 10 minutes or 15 minutes early. There is a great community that always comes in early and chats and it’s such a good time of course that only premieres on Youtube. So i’m sorry facebook and Twitch viewers. Make sure you guys subscribe tot he Youtube Channel because that’s where things go to first. People are saying it’s great to see you again Royal."