TJ: “What”

Frances:”Came back up because my head was hurting. It was hurting to lay down.”

TJ: “Your head was hurting to lay down?”


Frances:”Yesterday i was struggling, that migraine was bad”

TJ: “And what happened? You couldn't you had to go to bed early”

Frances:”My life, the light hurt my eyes, the sound hurt my ears. It was off. I didn't even eat and i'm sure I look like I've been through a mess.”

TJ: “You look a little rough but you look a beautifull rough.”

Frances:”I feel better honey, I'm gonna make some coffee

TJ: “And that's why she needs to have the surgery.”

Frances: “I'm terrified of it.”
TJ: “But think of it this way. Temporary pain for long term pleasure. We are one week away from the surgery. You will have the surgery and you will feel much better because this isn't gonna work. I had to do so much last night because she was out of commission and i need some of my freedom yeah too”.

Frances: “He's so lying, my family is here the cook dinner, What'd have to do?”

I have to get the kids ready for bed  and negotiate with Rio about bath time.”

Frances: “How I had to beg you to do that.”

I had a lot of work to do already.”

Frances: “It was a big”

TJ: “So, but it's all good.”

TJ: “You will feel better”.

TJ: “We are waiting on chik-fil-a but we are here because we have an important doctor's appointment for Frances, Because Franny's  having trouble breathing  and then  every morning she is waking up with headaches and it's affecting her not wanting to run outside  and be outside so we have a doctor's appointment to see what is going on with Franny''s internal nasal passageway .”

Doctor: “This is your scan here and you can see the inside of the nose has got a lot going on, This inside of this nose things are really straight and these little bones are really small. You see all this black space around these bones?”

Frances: “Yes”

Doctor: “This is all breathing room. If you look at your nose you don't have much of that space. And you got multiple reasons for that, You got this deviated septum with this bone spur. Now you can see very clearly. It kicks out to this side. The other thing you have is a huge, huge, huge tutbinate. You see this big bubble here?”

Frances: “Yes”

Doctor: “It supposed to look like this. All right. Yours has expanded and grown and basicly taken up probable 90 precent of the air space on the left side. So even thou your septum is shifted to the right the space that that created has actualy been taken up by enlargement of your soft tissue here. At the same time, on the other side you have enlargement of the turbinate as well even though you don't have as much space. If you look at this tutbinate again these are called the turbinates compared to this persons turbinate you can see the difference”.

Frances: “Yes”

Doctor: “So it's pretty obvious, now typically we don't know if it's truly form development or if it is from injury.”

Frances: “Okay”

Doctor: “It could be from injury way early in life patients like you probable 95 to 99 percent of them when i fix their nose their sinus problems go awat. The big things i notice on your front view are that your nostrils are a little prominent  you can kind of see in the nose a little to much.”

Frances: “Yes”

Doctor: “We want to try to symmetrasize them to some degree in my opinion. Especially for people that don't know you that well. I don't think your front view is going to change appreciably where it is going yo be very noticable. This looks very natural for you. And i think where you get the biggest benefit will be the profile view. So this is you now. This is you hopefully later on. What we are doing. We're smoothing this bump down, lifting this tip slightly  and dropping this earea here. What are your thoughts on this on this nose?

”Frances: “I like it, I like that profile ”

Doctor: “That's what I think is feasible and what i think looks good and natural for your face. It is realy just about logistics and scheduling and all that stuff at this point.”

Frances: “Okay.”

TJ: “Alright”.

Frances: “I'm scared”

TJ: “You are scared”.

Frances: “I like the way it looked though .”

TJ: “I thought it was really good and i think it's gonna. I was shocked by your blockage.”

Frances: “Really??”

You really are having trouble breathing.”

Frances: “I know, I told you.”

TJ: “I shouln ever doubted her.””

Frances: “I don't be making up stuff.”

TJ: “Someone got chik-fil-a”

Frances: “Oeh Oeh. I'm so excited, i'm so excited ”

TJ: “i couldn't wait for the appointment to be ended I snuck off and just.”

Frances: “You sure did y'all geez Royal got so many of these”

TJ: “So we are here walking into Frances's doctor's appointment. What is the purpose of todays visit honey?”

Frances: “I'm not sure honey”

TJ: “'So we may not know the purpose of today's visit but we are here and somebody is scared . Yes Franny is fearfull. Look at her eyes right now. That right there is fear. Don't worry Franny all will be okay. You are with one of the best doctors in California. Trust me you are in great, great hands.”

Doctor: “This is why people hate doctors. There you go. All right do you want to see the inside of your nose?”

Frances: “Sure”

Doctor: “Alright”

Frances: “Is it going to hurt at all?”

Doctor: “It's gonna feel like when you jump in the pool and didn't plug your nose and you get that pressure in there, that's what it feels like”

Frances: “Okay”

Doctor: “Once we get inside the nose on the left it is your turbinate that that little half moon little thing curving down on the right is your septum and you can see your septum has a shelf on it. There is a bone spur sticking out here on your septum and there's no space there move so you where relative obstructed  here. I can't push my camera here and I should be able to do so. That space there to the right that gap there. You should be able to breathe through that but because of your septal defection  you probable don't breath through that very well. No active infections, Nothing that is going to preclude us form surgery, No polyps so when you have better airflow through the nose and the sinuses can pressurized a little bit better than sometimes if your sinus pressure or nasal breathing is a trigger for your migraine headaches  this will help this trigger. This doesn't mean I'm going to show your migraines. We cross our fingers and we hope that we will.”

Frances: “Right.”

Doctor: “But sometimes your migraines are from other reasons.”

Frances: “I'm so nervous.”

TJ: “'Are you more nervous now.”

Frances: “Yes”

TJ: “Why?'

Frances: “Because now it's actually happening. Are you nervous for me?”

TJ: “I am I don't like seeing Frances in surgery .”

Frances: “And i'm not normally like a scary person at all.”

TJ: “I don't like it.”

Frances: “I'm nervous.”

TJ: “So tomorrow  will be a tough day for both of us. Its 4 30 in the morning and we are on our way to the hospital.”

Frances: “Good luck Franny J”

Frances: “It is 5 30 in the morning. I just want to tell TJ Jackson Thank you very much for being by my side. I love you more but thank you honey. It means so much to me”

TJ: “So we’re here at the doctor’s office’””

Frances: “I’m scared”

TJ: “Of”

Frances: “I’m scared of the recovery I think, but I’m not a wuss”

TJ: “She is not a wuss”

Frances: “But today i feel like a big old wuss”

TJ: “Is it an age thing?”

Frances: “I don’t know i’m scared though.”

TJ: “It’s a long surgery, it’s like four to  five maybe six hours he said. To make sure her whole sinus channel is cleaned up and i am  hoping and we are are hoping this will be the  end of Franny J’s dishes to . So that she can enjoy the outdoors as we all can.”

Frances: “Oh boy, here we go guys, no turning back now. Here I am hopefully signing all my migraines away”.

TJ: “It’s 6.45 and I just said goodbye to Frances and she goes back to the surgery room and I have to say it’s hard. I don’t know what it is when Franny has a surgery or you know anything like that or sick it’s really hard for me. I feel like i can’t help as much as I wish but I want you to know Franny I love you and I can’t wait to see you in five hours and take care of you. When you love someone like I love my Franny J it’s just a terrible feeling not be able to help them or protect them in their time of need. I swear this was one of the hardest days of my life for Franny to be under anesthesia having major surgery fors even hours. Yeah it took longer than five. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy. No matter what i did or tried to do I couldn’t focus all I kept thinking about was Franny J. praying and hoping al was going okay ”

TJ: “Sorry Franny, are you okay”

Frances: “No im in great pain”

TJ:”you are in great pain?”

Frances: “Who makes me mad.”

TJ:”Baby if you eat some saltine or banana you can have some norco”

Frances: “I need something. I need something.”

TJ: “You want a banana or something else?”

Frances: “No the pain is realy, really bad..”

TJ: “Is this the most pain you felt right.”

Frances: “Ever”

TJ: “Sorry baby”

TJ: “Last night was rough, because she obviously is in pain having trouble with her breathing blood and you know she has to take her prescription medicine as well as pain medicine and nausea medicine you know every several hours. So we didn’t get much sleep. We didn’t get much sleep. We were warned that this is going to be the hardest day and our yesterday was going to be the hardest day and today is going to be a difficult one. But day by day we get through it and Franny J will be right.