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“So the thing i was trying to avoid from happening, is happening.  Tried to avoid this but I guess it was meant to be. We’re Pocket 2 it again. I got the DJI wireless mic that comes with the digital creative combo or whatever it’s called.

This isn’t the video that I intended for you guys to get but it’s the video you are getting so. I apologize but it is what it is. It is not that i didn’t try. I probably tried to hard. I knew this time was coming and i tried to prepare. Where did we go wrong with this? I plan to do a video. I had the video. I actually had the idea in the last video that i did.”

Last video:

“What are the tools that I need? There is a mic I want to get. A shotgun mic but it is backordered. I’m gonna try this other mic much like that DJI wireless mic that I was using. I actually have it right here. It’s a wireless bluetooth Sony Mic but we’ll save that for another video.”

“So I went and I shot the video. For some reason with the Fx3 the codec that i record in, I think i was using xavc s. My computer can’t really handle it. So right there my computer was struggling with editing the footage. And I think that sidetracked me. But I tried to push through it and I even did another video to kind of help that video out”.

“All right  I’m just gonna jump right in because this video needs it.”

“I actually did a couple of videos.”

“The receiver there is a few switches on it. You’re either analog or digital.”

“But it just wasn’t working out. So then I said okay. Let’s try to figure out how we can edit quicker and better. So after a whole bunch of tests. And I’ll show the footage on that just so that you guys know I put some work in it”.

“All right so this is just a quick test. We are using the built in camera on the Sony Fx3. I’m going to talk real quick about the Codec that i’m using, Which is the Xavc s. This right here is recording at Xavchs and it is at four two four two zero 10 bit. Supposed to make it easier to edit on the computer. It’s h.265 codec versus the other one which is h.264 oh my shutter speed is off.”

“After I did I went back to the audio.”

“The Sony ECM XM1. All right we are running a mic test. This is the ecm XM1 Sony Mic. One two three four five six seven eight. This is the Sony built in camera mic with the monitor directly above.  Same spot the monitor was in one two three four five six seven eight. Here i am again with the Sony mic Ecm Xm1. With the monitor in the back this time. One two three four five six seven eight. The sure sm7b mic on top with the monitor in the back. One two three four five six seven eight.

This is right here this the ECM XM1. There the sony mic, the monitor is on. Everything’s on. I don’t know. I think the Shure Sm7b is going to sound the best.”

“So I’’m doing all these tests on the end of it all I didn’t really have a video to show what I have done that week. It was just all falling apart and everything I was doing wasn’t working out. So here we are. Just a little bit of craziness going on. But i wanted to make sure that i did this. I’ve tried to do simple videos I try to do complex videos this week.”

“So the cool thing about this Sony Mic is it’s wireless obviously. The sound quality is pretty good but you can go pretty far and I’m out here at the park and I’m just gonna take a few steps back and see how far we can go and talk and there is no way that you are getting me.

I’d be very surprised if it’s recording me. But distance wise i mean. As long as you’re wide open you can go way out there.”

“All while i’m moving and packing and getting ready for the show. Sorry for the crazy week. It’s a little checking and check-ins are good so  just walking getting a little exercise. I’ve been in there so much. Hi how are you? Stepping away from it all. Taking time to get this done and hopefully this works out but this is what it is. Next week will be fun because we’re going to France. I’m taking you with me”