Michael's Dream Foundation

Business Details

It was a life-long dream of Michael's to build children's hospitals all over the world, which would not only treat their illnesses medically, but would also provide quality emotional and psychological support for those with life-threatening or long-term illnesses.

Ever since the fan community became aware of Michael's wish to build a children's hospital with the proceeds of the This Is It tour, many of us have been wondering if we could do anything to make Michael's last dream come true.

The MCH initiative was created in order to unite fellow fans around the world, to work together and give this gift to the children in our beloved Michael’s name. It is founded and operated by other hard-working, loyal fans of Michael and his philosophies.

Head-quartered  in Pennsylvania, it is tasked with the mission of improving children's healthcare globally.

We intend to do this in the short-term by building additions onto, or renovating existing medical facilities for children. These additions and renovations would afford the facilities the space and tools they need to provide children with permanent toys, games and entertainment aimed at improving their overall emotional well-being. Our largest and ultimate goal however, is to build a brand new children's hospital in Michael's honour, which we plan to name MCH (Michael's Children's Hospital).

Because this is a fairly new initiative (established in the fall of 2011) it will require the help and support of many to succeed. We have decided to seek support from fan communities and groups like yours, who may also like to see Michael's greatest unfulfilled dream a reality.

At present, we are asking you to join us in helping to reach out to those hundreds of fans who have not yet heard of us, but would be very much willing to be a part of his dream.