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The Johnny Depp Verdict Is In And Our Thoughts - Live Q&A

TJ: “Hello everyone. Today’s date is june 1st 22. We are already in june Franes the year is flying by.”

Frances: “It is crazy”

TJ: “There is so much going on right now. Not only in the world but in our house. We are getting ready to get ready to leave. Getting ready to get leave to New York and Europe for of course my Night to Remember Shows. I’m really looking forward to those. It is going to be a lot of fun. Again game planning with a bunch of people.

Omizel and Doria and Laura and Grazia, Taryl and there is so many people and musicians that we are all game planning with to make this a special trip and a special show so that is going reallly cool. I’m excited to be there with you guys and to do these shows. With all that said there is also  going on outside of our world  the Johnny Depp Amber Heard   trial. I think it is. Do we have a verdict yet people?”

Frances: “It’s  the internet”

TJ: “We know our internet is no good but it is okay. It’s okay. They will be okay. It comes and goes. Freddie Georgina says you are looking so pretty.”

Frances: “Oh thank you Georgina .”

TJ: “What are you wearing today?”

Frances: “What do you mean?

TJ: “What are you wearing today? “

Frances: “What does that mean.”

TJ: “ I don’t know. It is cool it is a jacket with some rhinestones”

Frances: “No babe this is a shirt a button-up shirt.”

TJ: “Okay.”

Frances: “No it is not a jacket it is a shirt.”

TJ: “Okay well . Gio says the verdict is in. Do we have a verdict? I know it’s in but do we have a result? That is the question. Verdict to be announced at 3pm so is that in 25 minutes. I wonder if there is way. Can we watch this together live. Do we know how to do that. That is Virginia. Can we do that live can we watch this Johnny Depp trial live? Verict live maybe. Verdict will be read at . So that’s what everyone is saying. Simone says you look a bit blurry but pretty as always. You both look good. Thank you.”

Frances: “Thank you Simone.”

 TJ: “Vicky says Why do you always do this on a Johnny Depp day. Yes it is verdict. I know I’m sorry i did not know this was Johnny Depp Day. I want to see if we can get this in live and watch it together.”

Frances: “ I want to see if we can get our internet better.”

TJ: “I know our internet is really bad right now.”

Frances: “Yeah Why?”

TJ: “I don’t know we just keep it going. We do have some super chats super stickers we need a highlight. Nappy head tail. Love that. No that is a cool name.”

Frances: “Nappy Head Tail”

TJ: “What does Nappy Head Tail tell me Frances”

Frances: “I know what a nappy head is.”

TJ: “But you don’t know what a nappy head tail is.”

Frances: “I don’t know what a nappy head tail is.”

TJ: “Thank you Nappy Head Tail fort he super sticker. But Nappy Head Tail also says you all should create a family board game. Just kidding. Move over Monopoly. Okay.

What do you think Frances should we do a board game?””

Frances: “I don’t know what ”

TJ: “What would you want a boardgame tob e like?”

Frances: “Fun obviously.”