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New Live Q&A

TJ: “Yes we are live. September 14th Wednesday. What is going on everyone? TJ and Frances Jackson”

Frances: “Hey guys.”

TJ: “Frances is messing with her jewelery. What is going on?”

Frances: “i had to take the other one off because it is glowing again.”

TJ: “So what if it is glowing. You should be shining bright like a diamant right.”

Frances: “I like that on is my favorite necklace you got me.”

TJ: “We are doing another Q&A on Wednesday. I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. This is a day where we do our Q&A’s. We connect with our community, our beautiful family rulers all around the world. We answer your questions. We tell you a bit about what is going on in our world and of course we give you some updates on the channel. And the first thing that i want to update everyone on is the subtitles. We have figured out how to do it so if you are from another country where English isn’t the preferred language and you sometimes are getting lost on what we are saying you can now watch.”

Frances: “That’s cool.”

TJ: “Our channel with subtitles. I’m blanking on her name. But she continued to ask us about Italian. Putting our videos in Italian subtitles. I don’t know. She’ll mention herself on these comments. But the one thing I would like to say for now. Not only for you but for anyone around the world. You should be able to find your language now in subtitles. “

Frances: “That’s cool.”

TJ: “Another great announcement with the channel is who knew Omaha could be this much fun. It’s a vlog. We just released Sunday. It’s gonna be two parts we spend about a week I think in Omaha yeah. What a fun week it was.”

Frances: “It was.”

TJ: “That was a good time. My first time. At least my first time. Remember being in Omaha. My family’s first time in Omaha. We did a lot of cool stuff. So”

Frances: “I think it helped though that Ali and the Sharp family was there so.”

TJ: “Of course”

Frances: “That helped.”

TJ: “Of course that was the reason why we even went to Omaha”

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ: “With all that say you guys. I have another important announcement and that is Donna has become a Youtube member.”

Frances: “Welcome Donna.”

TJ: “Welcome Donna. So Donna now has access to a lot of bonus content. Actually depending on the level she is as a member but at the very least she has access to our 56 days of healthy habits. I’ll be honest I kind of fallen off those healthy habits but.”

Frances: “Kinda.”

TJ: “But it not that big of a deal. As long as you. It is a big deal.”

Frances: “You’re maintaining. You are not gaining.”

TJ: “Look.”

 Frances: “That’s good.”

TJ: “If you for 56 days every year do something where you are very healthy. That’s  I think better than nothing.”

Frances: “It’s great so yeah.”

TJ: “That’s what that was. If you guys want some motivation to get more healthy consider subscribing. That’s actually on the lowest level. You give access to all those videos and a couple of other things so welcome to the crew Donna. And yeah we wanted to highlight that. So we have Mahaso, who says hi TJ: ”Hello Frances from Paris.”

Frances: “Hello. Love your city.”

TJ: ”We have Asha from Bermuda.”

Frances: “Nice gotta see that. We have to visit Bermuda.”

TJ: ”We never been there. Never been. And then we have a super chat from Felipe. Felipe who was just in Mexico. We are actually going to Mexico soon ourselves. We’ve been doing some research on where we are going and what we are going to so i’ve been  thinking about you a lot Felipe because I know you have just i believe concluded that. But Felipe says hi TJ and Frances I want to remind everyone to take care of themselves. I always encourage my friends and family to schedule their annual scheckup around their B days or beginning of the year so they don’t forget to look at that.”

Frances: “That is amazing. We were actually just talking about this.”

TJ: ”Sure what were we talking about Frances?”

Frances: “Just about how we need to start getting on it because cancers you know it runs in my side of the family for sure. There is many of my family members that have had it and i’m very careful about what I eat and I try to research but TJ was right. He’s like you just gotta stay up on your checkups”.

TJ: “Yeah I mean because it all started with I went to Costco yesterday  and I got Frances a creamer that she really has been drinking for the last ten years maybe.”

Frances: “Yeah and I love it.”

TJ: “And i’m thinking okay well I got two of them. She is gonna use them. And then she said babe this is cool but I’m not drinking this one anymore. And I was like why now. She goes well it tastes good but i’m worried about it for cancer right.”

Frances: “Yeah just a lot of chemicals that are in it.”

TJ: “Yeah and what did I say.”

Frances: “I don’t know what did you say.”

TJ: “She was listening you guys. Loud and clear I told her I said two tablespoons is what she told me it is that shouldn’t really efffect you. Go and enjoy your life.Yeah enjoy yourself. Just make sure you stay on your checkups I just told her this   Felipe about two hours ago.””

Frances: “Yep.”

TJ: “So I’m happy you are making a super chat with this because it’s important. Especially as we get older everyone. Make sure to get your  checkups please please call your doctors.  Get your check up. Don’t take life for granted don’t assume because everything’s been great for the last several years everything is great. Get your checkups in.”

Frances: “You just never know guys. Stay on it.”

TJ: “And then we have another Super Chat from Caleb. Caleb says hi TJ and Frances. How are you today? Just want to let you know my sister turned 15 yesterday so I bought her some gifts. Also Tj check out my Passion cover. Love you very much.

Frances: “Oh that’s so sweet Caleb. Happy birthday to your sister as well.”

TJ: “Happy birthday sis from Frances myself and our entire family. Caleb I know you are a good big brother buying gifts and all very very coo. And are you talking about the art cover. Is this is what I’m seeing the passion cover if so of course very smooth. I love how you change your covers. I’m gonna tell you Caleb you change your covers more than I change my covers. I’m impressed man. But enjoy your sisters birthday man. All right we have legendary 3D gamer. Who says does this stream have a theme because I’m just here to ask anything. Not at all. You can ask whatever you want legendary .”

Frances: “You can just ask anthing.”

TJ: “You are going to ask about video games. You can ask about whatever you want. No thing we are just having fun. Just connecting. Jennifer says we should do the 56 days again. You know what Jeniffer. I think ”

Frances: “I’ve kind of still been eating.”

TJ: “Frances is healthy so she stays on it. I fall off. I struggle. I don’t know why i struggle.”

Frances: “Yeah I’m a firm believer. I read this quote.. I don’t remember from who. But it was like five years ago and it says stay ready so you don’t have to get ready  and I truly believe in that. Because you never know. You may just say hey honey you want to go here and then I’m ready to go.”

TJ: “Yeah.”

Frances: “Everything’s gonna fit. I don’t have to feel like you know.”

TJ: “It’s so hard because I’m in that position where i’m trying to lose some weight and it’s just hard. It’s just hard. Food is good and it is comforting so it’s not easy.  Tori has a question Frances. Did you guys vlog when you went to KC Missouri? We did yes”

Frances: “Can we go to a baseball game.”

TJ: “We went to a baseball game and Tori we didn’t stay in Kansas City long enough so we didn’t do a full vlog on its own. What we decided to do we really just drove through we went to Kansas Royals game and.

Frances: “That’s cool.”

TJ: “We vlogged that experience but it’s a bonus content it’s for our knights so if your are a knight you can see our Kansas City Missouri our time there but if not then. You probable won’t see anything. I don’t think what we may do a recap at the end of the trip but like I said. We didn’t spend much time we just went through to go see a Kansas City Royal Game and then we ended up in St Louis.”

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ: “Ann wants to know how do I preserve my voice. Do you have any rituals. Kisses to you both from Bordeaux.  Bordeaux France.”

Frances: “Nice. I haven’t been to Bordeau. Have you?”

TJ: “It’s wine city.”

Frances: “I know”

TJ: “ that’s where I want to go.”

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ: “I have been before I performed a couple of times . I believe I really like Bordeaux. I really like Bordeaux even though I’m not the biggest wine drinker. How do I perserve my voice?  Rest, I think it’s very important before you start  to sing, Do warm ups to warm up your voice.

There is an image that sticks in my head. It’s like an athlete. You can’t just go out there and try to Sprint as fast a you can without warming up your legs so I take that to heart and try to do the same with my voice whenever I sing for recording or for performance i’m definetely am going to warm up. Of course I sing around the house but I will limit that and not go as hard as if I was singing for a song or for a studio. I think the best thing to do is just rest. You have to respect it. You really have to think of it as a muscle. I played a lot of sports when I was young and i treated my voice like a muscle. Because it is. Frances says hey sis and brother I love and miss you guys in love."

Frances: “I miss you to Denise.”