TJ: “What is going on everyone. It is TJ and Frances Jackson. It is Wednesday may 25th and this is a tough live for us. Normally we go live every Wednesdays and we are talking about fun and joking and poking fun at each other but today we just didn’t feel comfortable doing that. 

I think like many of you our mind, hearts and souls are with those who have lost their live or have family members who who  have lost their  life or friends who have lost their lives in Uvalde  Texas shooting just yesterday.

And for those that don’t know what happened i. 19 so far 19 young children and two adults two teachers have died in a shooting at an elementary school in south Texas in Uvalde Texas .  The gunman an 18 year old opened fire at the Robb elementary school  and just wreaked havoc. Very remniscent of the tragedy of Sandy Hook back in 2012.

But anyways yes this 19 year old had a handgun an ar-15 semi automatic rifle and high capacity magazines according to investigators and  the teenager is also suspected of killing his grandmother.”


TJ: “Shooting”

Frances:”She is in critical condition”

TJ: “Prior tot he rampage at the school. Now so. I think it’s important to talk about why wanted to discuss this you know especially for those who have just recently followed us you may have followed us because of our  “We don’t Talk About Bruno Videos the fun you know our vlogs it is all fun.

But our why is why we wanted  to talk about this when we first decided to do the family rules we wanted the whole goal was to bring positivity

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TJ: “All right everyone, we've done it. We finally figured out to get all five of us. It''s a lot harder with Royal versus Rio because we're so small. But we got all five of us on screen. It's a family rules fun contest we are doing. We have done many of these.

We've done who knows mom best. We have done who knows dad best. We have done who knows Dee Dee best and on Jo Jo's world there is a Who Knows Jo Jo best. But this is the first time I was doing who knows Royal best. We also did a Who knows Rio best.”

Frances: “Oh yeah.”

TJ: “Did I say that.”

Dee Dee “Yeah, no”

TJ: “This is a fun contest we do as a family to see who knows who best and Jo Jo you got to come up a bit because I'm going to keep creating a shadow for you babe so you got to come up. Here you go.

One thing I do know is that these are goingt to be a lot of fun to watch in 15 20 years for us so it's a fun way to have fun with you guys and to capture what we are like on today which is May 22nd 2o22 . Royal brought in his new camera. Is it, it was probable old?”

Royal: “Yeah”

TJ: “It's new for the family rules but that is why if you are wondering why it looks a little different because Royal brought a Logitech 1080 HD camera that he uses when he streams, yes Royal is a gaming streamer . So for anyone that has kids that like to game. Royal why should they watch your channel?”

Royal: “Because I don't know. Because I'm good ”

TJ: “You don't do as much talking I'm trying to get him to talk more.”

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"We’re gonna keep this one short. We’re gonna keep this one simple. It’s so hard  for me to keep things simple that doesn’t make sense but it does.

I’ve been in LA. I’m tired. I’m really tired. Mentally and physically. I think just the last couple of weeks has just kicked my butt. Moving and traveling . I think it just all caught up with me.  But this week i’ve been trying to plan my  move from LA back to Tenessee. Getting the rest of my stuff that  is in storage. I don’t have a lot of stuff but it feels like i have a lot. I guess that is what triggered me and made me think what do i really need .  

You start looking at it and like well i gotta hold on tot his. I gotta hold on tot hat. Next thing you know you are not throwing or getting rid of anything. I spent some time looking into that because i’m very indecisive. I like to keep things simple but I like to have options.  To many options don’t work good for me. I know that but I do like to have options so i have to figure out a system for myself . Got to figure out how to simplify, simplify my life.

I’m the type of guy that if I have a phone charger I’ll have a 5 foot cable and I have a 10 foot cable. Then I’ll have a  backup for the 5 foot cable  and then I’ll have a backup fort he 10 foot cable and you really just need one cable maybe two but then I don’t know how long of a cable i need so I get both and next thing you know instead of needing one cable you have four cables.

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May 15, 2022

Frances: “I covered it no i can not say that to the camera.”

TJ: “Maxi do you want yo say what she said.”

Frances: “No”

Maxi: “No comment.”

Unknown: “I did not recall”

Frances: “It says temporarly closed.”

TJ: “What is closed honey?”

Frances: “Copper and Steel Restaurant with the Big Jumbo pretzel. I really wanted that pretzel”

TJ: “I will jump in the car. You just do some research.”

Frances: “Where are you gonna get a big jumbo pretzel with cheese sauce from?

Okay we’ll see it says temporarily close and then from here it says four to ten ”

TJ: “Let’s call it.”’

Copper and Steel phone: “For reservation press one. For meeting or event inquiries press two. Press four for billing inquiries .”

Frances: “Quatro it is”.

Copper and Steel: “How may i help you?”

Frances: “Hi what time do you guys close?”

Copper and Steel: “We close at  10.”

Frances: “Okay so if i ordered something in about 30 minutes I’’ still be okay.”

Copper and Steel: “Yes, that is fine.”

Copper and Steel: “Okay thank yo uso much.”

TJ: “So there you go, you get some food.”

Frances: “Jumbo pretzel , jumbo pretzel.”

TJ: “So today’s date is june 14 2021 and we got a little vacation away from the kids .”

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