TJ: “Goodmorning, it has been a challenging experience to say the least not much sleep, we had to wake up every couple of hours for pain meds nausea med and prescriptions so she is obviously really tired, I’m tired but it’s the next morning and now it’s time to get the kids ready for school so that’s what we have been doing, Who is gonna do you hair?”

Rio “I don’t know”

TJ: “Who usually does your hair”

Rio “Mom”

TJ: “So who is going to do it today?”

Rio “Mom”

TJ “Mamma is not doing it today”

Rio “Mom”

TJ “Mamma is not doing it today”

Dee Dee: “But you could have done that yourself you know””.

TJ: “Going to school, dropping Dee Dee off.

First day in the Tesla. Dee Dee yes put it on you more than you need today. There you go.”

Dee Dee : “No”

TJ: “Yes, Dee Dee”

TJ: “ Thank you,  i tied it myself.”

TJ: “Super cool ”

Dee Dee : “I don’t like school, school is boring, school is bad”.

TJ: “School is not bad.”

Dee Dee :  “Yes school is bad”

Dee Dee :  “No more math guys”

TJ: “I really hope Dee Dee always remains independent and unique and different. It’s one of my favorite things about her”

Frances: “This is day four”

Frances: “This is day four but Omizzle keep going back to  me because I want like a little shine maybe on my teeth like bling”

Frances: “Oh my gosh”

TJ: “You said something that was very sad. You said if you knew it was like this you probably wouldn’t have done it.”

Frances: “Oh  there is no probably, I would not have done this.If this doesn’t fix my issue, oh my goodness. Just punch me in the face.”

TJ: “You look like you’ve been punched in the face.”

Frances: “I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.”

TJ: “You look beautiful”

Frances: “Okay”

TJ: “You do”

Frances: “Yeah, Yeah, you are funny”

TJ: “Coming from here is making you shine like you are the goddess you are.”

Frances: “Oh my gosh, stop right now .”

TJ: “It’s true, it’s been a rough couple of days but she is getting through it and i’m proud of you.”

TJ: “ We are walking into a target to get some items for Franny Jay and what are we getting in target?

Yes that’s for you. Is that a Kinder what is this. It’s a kinder egg. It’s a kinder egg. But we are getting mama mask because her the pressure of the eye is causing her discomfort because the light is causing her discomfort. We have to get mama mask.”

TJ: “It’s day five, look who’s out and about.”

Frances “I’m out”

TJ: “It’s Franny Jay she is going on a walk to get the blood going.”

Frances: “It feels good I have to say.”

TJ: “It feels good right.”

Frances: “Oh my goodness. My first day really out of bed though”

TJ: “Definitely out of the room and.”

Frances: “Yeah it feels good though to be out. It feels really good.”

TJ: “So there you go. She is doing i y’all she is on the mend.  She is getting better. Oh I remember announcing the shows today Franny”.

Frances: “That is super exciting”

TJ: “Oh yeah”

Frances: “There is so much of that”.

Frances: “What look.. ah that’s what in my nose on each side. She made it seem like get these things out of me because it’s so uncomfortable.”

TJ: “Show me”

Frances: “oh my gosh “

 “So that is lovely right there, it’s not normal oh yeah “

Frances: “I’m okay with the snoth, it’s the blood that scares me.”

TJ: “You are not looking forward tot his part.”

Frances: “No”

Dee Dee: “Close your eyes”

Frances: “Its going to feel so good though. It’s going to be worth takings these things out. I cannot breathe.”

TJ: “Why are you investing.”

Frances: “Because it’s very dry and hard and it soothes it a bit.”

TJ: “So the vaseline is for your nose.”

Frances: “I put it right under here. Just right here. I hope this works. I really really do.”

Dee Dee “It will It will”

Frances: It will Deedels”

TJ: “Franny is really doing a lot of research on the splint removals. She seems scared of it.  But I think it’s not going to be to bad of a proces. Franny how many hours have you spend looking at these videos?” 

Frances: “Probable the last hour”

TJ: “Poor thing”

Frances: “How am I gonna endure this pain? This pain is what i was talking to myself and trying to figure out.”

Omizzle:  “Is the pain stronger than giving birth?”

Frances: “I probable would have rather given birth because at least when you’re giving birth you get like you have a contraction and then you get like a five minute rest”.

TJ: “Really Frances”

TJ: “Yeah I feel like this is the most I have ever complained like I was like I don’t know if I could do this. I was doubting myself and I’m very strong.”

TJ: “She is a a strong woman and I can confirm this was the most she’s complained.”

Frances: “I was like I don’t know. I was vomiting blood. I just oh. It was just. Oh gosh. No one told me it was going tobe this bad. No one.”

Omizzle:  “Well that is it. if they told you you probable wouldn’t have done it.”

Frances: “I wouldn’t have. There is no chance and if anyone asked me. I’d be like I wouldn’t do it again.”

TJ: “Frances”

Frances: “Honey I wouldn’t do it again.”

TJ: “You’re in the middle of it. If you can go outside and you can run around and come home and there is no headache and no migraine. You’re like it was probable worth it.  it’s too early”

Frances: “You are right. I have to say. It was like someone took a hammer and  was kept hitting me in the face with it”

TJ: “Before?”

Frances: “No after like what the first two days”

Frances: “We have made it almost to my first post-up appointment. I’m so ready to go see what’s happening inside because it feels so uncomfortable.

TJ: “Frances gets very anxious women.”

Frances: “Well when we are late. I don’t like to be late. And we are two minutes late. Almost.”

TJ: “But they can make you wait. Five or ten minutes”

Frances: “Oh here he goes. Didn’t you read ‘Ego is the enemy’?

TJ: “That’s not an ego”

Frances: “Yeah that is. That’s the ego. Its down there.”

Frances: “Oh am I glad to be here. Never thought I’d say that about the doctor’s office. But o my goodness is it so true. These stints in  my nose were so annoying I couldn’t breathe. I just felt like it  was just extremely uncomfortable ”

TJ: “She watched so many videos on this process”

Doctor: “Why, you are not supposed to do that.”

Frances: “I know”

Doctor: So now see mine tend to come out smoother than most but I can’t guarantee.”

Frances: “I hope you have magic hands.”

Doctor: “ Well, it’s not necessarily me. It’s the anatomy inside your nose but you do have some other splints. I put two little tiny guys in there I gotta take out two. So those aren’t necessarily gonna be comfortable either but”.

Frances: “Okay”

Doctor: “Let’s get it done and see what happens”

Frances: “Let’s do it”

Doctor: “And i’m just going to gently remove these guys. It’s not terribly comfortable. Sometimes there is a little boit of bleeding oh yes there you go. Right. So the two mini ones are out.”

Frances: “Okay”

Doctor: “Good so we get to get the big ones.”

Frances: “Okay”

Doctor: “So cutting the stich is the hardest part for me which i just did”

Frances: “Oh boy”

Doctor: “Oh those are clean”

Doctor: “Good take a breath, relax that’s one”

TJ: “There is one Franny, she’s been waiting for that.”

Doctor: “The next one. The next one comes off much easier”

Frances: “Okay”

TJ: “Why is that?”

Doctor: “Because now she got more wiggle room and they are bot put in there. They’re side by side so they are both pushing on each other.”

TJ: “Okay”

Doctor: “Now one is out. So there won’t be uh. There won’t be much tension in there.”

Frances: “Oh boy”

Doctor: “There you go”

Frances: “That one hurt”

Doctor: “There you go”

Frances: “Oh goodness.”

Doctor: “So those suckers are out. Let me just make sure you’re not breathing anymore.”


Doctor: “And then i’m going to leave this chest on because it’s pretty stuck to you which I really like.”

Frances: “I’m scared to ask this because I have been so good but can I have wine.”

Doctor: “Yeah.”

Frances: “I can?”

Doctor: “Yeah. You might have a little increase in inflammation with wine”

Frances: “So I may not then?”

Doctor: “Well it doesn’t matter you’re going tob e inflamed anyways so it makes a difference to your psyche to have a glass of wine”.

Frances:I’m just saying ”

Doctor: “Then have a glass of wine.”

Frances: “I feel like i can breathe.”

TJ: “It feels much better?”

Frances: “So much better.”

TJ: “Did it hurt?”

Frances: “It hurt.”

TJ: “It did hurt.”

Frances: “It hurt because there was blood you can tell stuck to something and it pulled it and then the nose started bleeding.”

TJ: “Are you happy you did it?”

Frances: “I am the happiest girl right now because i got this plants out.”

TJ: “We weren’t expecting it but you got them out.”

Frances: “ I’m so happy I was.”

TJ: “Allright it’s two weeks this is the two week check up this is the reveal time. Franny how you feel?”

Frances: “I feel wonderful.

TJ: “Are you nervous?”

Frances: “Not really.”

TJ: “You’re confident?”

Frances: “I’m confident that everything is going to go great.”

TJ: “Are you ready?”

Frances: “I’m so ready. I have a bit of tenderness but it feels good.”

TJ: “Do you want to reveal to everyone because you said your cast fell off of course.”

Frances: “Yes go off. I only wear it at night now.”

Doctor: “Well it’s still got some ways to go so it’s still swollen and a little bit bigger than it’s going to be”.

Frances:”Yeah this part is tender. That is normal. I’m assuming”

Doctor: “Yeah.”

Frances:”I love it though”

Doctor: “Good and that part of the nose the tip of the nose is the last part to come down swelling wise.”

Frances: ”Okay.”

Doctor: “Um you’ve got it’s only been two weeks so you look really really good for two weeks. So what i’m going to do. I’m going to teach you how to put your cast on.”

Frances: ”Okay.”

Doctor: “Here with you.”

Frances: ”I did.”

Doctor: “Want to teach you how to put it on. Oh yeah this is just sweating. Really good massage that.  Out. Your ankle is great . yes that is really good. So yeah it’s gonna be tender for a little while and it’s a bigger version of what you’re gonna have. It’s gonna slowly probably. Yeah not to much because you do have thicker skin”.

Frances: ”Yeah.”

Doctor: “But i is gonna get this is just kind of larger version again whatever.

Frances: ”Okay, so dissolvable stitches are inside.”

Doctor: “Everything else is dissolvable.”

Frances: ”Okay.”

Frances: ”So just in time that’s gonna.”

Doctor: “Do you feel them or see them or what?”

Doctor: “Well it was like really dry just on one side so I kind of put like vaseline and that seemed to help it.”.

Doctor: “Do you hold that and just leave it yourself so effectively it can just go right over the top like that.”

Frances: ”Okay.”

Doctor: “You can push it down a little if you want to get it seat and sew it up to you chin up a little bit  so it doesn’t fall off. And then I’m gonna mess with your makeup i apologize but.”

Frances: ”It’s okay.”

Doctor: “If you pop this cast over like that and like that.”

Frances: ”Perfect.”

Doctor: “That’s it you go sleep like that changes are it i’ll fall off in the middle of the night on some . nights uhm that’s okay as long as you have it on there it’s going to remind you not to lay on one of the nose or the other to protect ir from shifting one direction or the  other.”

Frances: ”Okay.”

Doctor: “So you look crazy with it on but it’s only gonna be at night so you’’ll be good to go.”

Frances: ”Great job doc So much.”

Doctor: “Yeah well.”

Frances: ”I did it. No i’m just kidding”

TJ: “What’s your message about fear, were you scare to do it?”

Frances: ”Of course I was scared to do it, but it’s important to overcome your fear. I’m happy i did. I’m also happy that you made me do this. Not made me  but you really nudged me in the right direction saying I need to do this and  you’re right because the breathing situation has gotten worse. The migraines have gotten worse and i’m happy i did it. I’m happy.”

TJ: “Well you look beautiful.”

Frances: ”I don’t know about that but thank you honey. Voila”

TJ: “One more thing you want to say, anything you want to tell everyone? Common Franny what are you supposed to tell people on the end of a video? Someone knows it”

Frances: ”It’s on her.”

TJ: “What is is it Frances?”You really don’t want to say it Franny?”

Frances: ”Yeah I will.”

TJ: “Okay.”

Frances: ”Be sure to like this video. If you like the video be sure to hit the like button subscribe and hit the bell to get notified on our future videos.

TJ: “Hmm We go with it.”

TJ: “Thank you to everyone who has left sweet messages and prayers to my wife it was very sweet of you. I saw it all over social media and it was very sweet to see.”

Frances: ”That is very sweet.”

TJ: “Thank you all.”

Frances: ”Thank you guys.”