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She's Back! The Hardest Part Of Surgery - Live Q&A


TJ:  “What is going on  everyone. It is april 13 th Wednesday of 2022. It is TJ Jackson and”

Frances: “I’m back”

TJ:  “She is back everyone, it is Frances Jackson to my  left.”.

Frances: “I’m sick but I’m back.”

TJ:  “Yeah she’s sick. Now this sickness doesn’t have anything to do with your surgery doesn’t it?”

Frances: “No, no my mum was sick and so I got sick too.”

TJ:  “Look Frances we got a notification that we are live. So it does work but anyways . Wednesday april 12 2022.  It’s great to have the one and only Frances Jackson right next to me. We missed you Frannie. I will say Royal filled it well for two times and so did Rio. Rio did a little”.

Frances: “Royal did twice, oh wow”.

TJ:  “It’s been almost a month since you have been here. Anything you want to say? Have you missed  me doing this? Have you missed the community?”

Frances: “Of course i missed everyone.”

TJ:  “Anything you want to say?”

Frances: “No i’m just happy to be back. And i want to say thank you to all of you guys for your encourgement , your love and support, that was very sweet. I felt it, it was very heartwearming so thank you.”

TJ:  “It was. We got so many messages the day of the surgery, even still today we’re getting wonderful beautiful messages so of course for those that don’t know. Frannie had nasal surgery. She had Septoplasty and a tiny bit of rhinoplasty because why not.

She’s doing septoplasty she might as well do some  and she cleared a little bump on her nose. But the main purpose of the surgery was to clear her sinuses and fix her deviated septum at the giving three for those of you who are re-watching you can see part one and watch her journey.

Yes only on the rewatch because we have to put it up there, The card there but Frannie like I said it’s great to have you back and I want to thank you for sharing your journey being open tos haring your yourney, Was that a hard descision?”

Frances: “Not really. No because I would want to know like because I did my own research and watched people’s videos ond doing the same thing that i had done and it actually helped me.”

TJ:  “It did.”

Frances: “Yeah””.

TJ:  “What was the most helpful part, just getting the stench removed?

Frances: “I think well that was the most releaving part”.

TJ:  “It “Okay so  what was the most?”

Frances: “That was the most releaving part”.

TJ:  “What part in the youtube world helped you the most getting ready for your big surgery?”

Frances: “Helped me just knowing what to expect. I didn’t want to go into the recovery aspect of it  because i was worried I would talk myself out of it and i’ll be honest had i known it was like gonna be that painfull I may have like not done it.”

TJ:  “Really.”

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ:  “But but”

Frances: “But i’m happy i did no no no.””

TJ:  “We have to make sure that’clear.”

Frances: “The hard part was  two days that was  the worst part was the two days okay and he said that there was a lot of damage in there. Only on one side though. It was my left side and i think that’s maybe what took longer fort he surgery”.

TJ:  “Okay and yours truly able. I’ve shown some great comments. Yours truly says you look beautiful even when you’re sick Frannie”.

Frances: “Oh thank you i feel like crap.”

TJ:  “You do?”

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ:  “Franny and her beautiful hair. Franny your hair is not cooperating you said that right before we went live.”

Frances: “Yeah it was flat it just kind of feel but i don’t really care ”

TJ:  “Phillippa says Frances you are are a trooper. Septoplasty is such an extensive and invasive surgery and recovery is very painfull. I’m so glad you are feeling better.”

Frances: “Thank you so much.”

TJ:  “So Phillipa is saying it like she experienced it. We’ve already mentioned showed this one. But we’ll read it from Missouri who says hello TJ and Frances. Glad to see you back. I have a question for both of you. If you could live in any country in the world for the rest of your life. Where would it be and why? Love you guys.”

TJ:  “That’s a good question.”

Frances: “Yeah, I already know mine.”

TJ:  “For the rest of your life. You know yours?”

Frances: “Yeah it would. I don’t know exactly a city. But it would most likely be a beach city in Spain. Because I want to have. No listen. Yeah but no no no no.”

TJ:  “I’ll let you finish.”

Frances: “You’re gonna have to yeah you’re gonna have to let me finish”.

TJ:  “Okay.”

Frances: “Those women, the Spanish accent  to me is just beautiful when they speak Spanish”.

TJ:  “Okay.”

Frances: “So its my dream to and I know i’m American so it’ll be hard to get that accent that they have  but when they speak it’s beautiful. I even watch Netflix shows in Spanish just to hear their accents.”

TJ:  “You’re basing the country you’ll be in for the rest of your life on an accent?”

Frances: “No because I love that culture too.”

TJ:  “Okay well you have never really been to Spain. Okay let me say it this way. We have been to Madrid and we have been to Barcelona but you have never been to the location you are talking about.”

 Frances: “It’s okay .”

TJ:  “Allright that’s a bold.”

Frances: “Nah that’s not bold.”

TJ:  “Okay”

Frances: “That’s called dreaming honey.”

TJ:  “Allright. I. if i’m not confined to my answer I would probably agree with Frances. There is. I love Spain. I love the Spanish people language. If i lived there for the rest of my life. I think i would confidently say I’d become fluent in it. Which is a lifelong goal and dream of mine.

But if I’m bound to this decision on this date where i would have to stay for the rest of my life. I’d have to pick the USA. That’s where I’m from. That’s what I’m familiar  with, I know all the little things about it. I haven’t really stayed in the county long enough really to know if i can live there the rest of my life and feel it’s the country for me. That would be my perfect answer. Lailu Lay says Hello we are so happy to see you again Frances. Our question is How did Frances Family react to TJ dating and making the child with Frances were they nice or were they tough or were they strict. Sending hugs ”

TJ:”How was your family?”

Frances: “Why don’t you tell and tell them your experience?”

TJ: “Frances well no because your experience. The way i think you would answer actually is before what i exprience would say. You should say yours first.”

Frances: “Well I‘ll tell you this. TJ was kind of forced to meet my family earlier than expected because my dad passed away. We met in october and my dad passed on christmas day in december. So that was really hard. I flew to Texas and then TJ wanted to go as well. So you did go. So he was kind of forced into meeting my family.”

TJ: “Yeah I mean sooner than I think we both expected. I love Frances’s Family. They’re fun. They’re real, they are chill. They’re everything. They’re  everything. And it’s beautiful so they did tell me to be careful though. That’s what I was trying to get you to say”

Frances: “Okay all my sisters.”

TJ: “Yeah tell me what did your sisters think because look we.”

Frances: “My family and I we don’t come from money but we have been taught not to you know care about that. We’ve. My mom’s favorite saying when we grew up was do’nt keep up with the Joneses that she  alsways embedded that.

TJ: “And for those who don’t know. It don’t keep up with the Joneses. What does that mean”.

Frances: “It’s like the rich people okay.”

TJ: “So the Joneses is the rich people.”

Frances: “Yeah which would probable be the Jacksons.”

TJ: “Okay, okay so you just switched out Joneses for Jackson’s. Okay got it now”.

Frances: “So my family because money is just not it’s we just don’t care about it like that or fame. We just. We don’t care. So they were more worried  about him maybe trying to take the baby. My family wanted to actually not wanted to but they were just advising me to like do a contract and make sure that TJ knew that like we’re having this child together. There is no way, like no amount of money would make me give up my child. If that makes sense. So they were they were very skeptical about that.”

TJ: “Yeah i never felt that and I think that is cool. I think that is a good thing. They. You  know they. But you never brought that up to me at that time. And why didn’t you bring it out?”

Frances: “I don’t know I just didn’t feel like it was important you know. I mean we. My sisters and I talked about it often and I just said. But I talked to you about it. Look if we decided to do this and have this child we are raising this child together. I will never ever give you custody and I wanted you to know that before we did it. Well full custody.”

TJ: “You would never give me full custody.”

Frances: “Right, we would share we would share. We would split it.”

TJ: “That is actually kind of how yeah but that is a whole other question.”

Frances: “Like I wouldn’t just give you the child. Some people you know.”

TJ: “Yeah sometimes it’s happened that’s for sure. My life my hurdles are my survival.. The one and only mommy with a super chat and of course she is a super member. Beautiful by the way i forget to post DeeDee getting a cell phone. So i got to do that i’m sorry.”

Frances: “Oh yeah. I think I have it on my phone ”

TJ: “Did i edit it on your phone?”

Frances: “I don’t know.”

TJ: “Anyways you can’t see that right?”

Frances: “Nope.”

TJ: “Mommy says beautiful queen. Freddie Jay we’ve missed you. Hope you are well. We kept goofy entertained and mildly roasted in your absence. Love you both”.

Frances: “Perfect.”

TJ: “And my boring day was magical that is such a cool awesome bomb.”

Frances: “I hoped you enjoyed it mommy”

TJ: “I will say though you guys weren’t roasting me to much but what i will say is no one has said anything about the weight i had lost. Hello people where is my love for the weight I have lost. I’ve been working really hard on this diet”.

Frances: “I see it in his face. I tell him every morning because I feel like he is shrinking every day and.

TJ: “Goodness since april 1 I’ve been on a strict diet and no one is saying a word.

Frances: “Did you really start april 1 though?”

TJ: “I started april 1”.

Frances: “Okay.”

TJ: “I’m just messing with you guys.”

Frances: “I’m proud of you though honey.”

TJ: “Thank you.”

Frances: “I know it has been tough over here guys.”

TJ: “it’s the diet’s not fun man. Fatma says you look great. Let’s see. Oh you know what. Oh she is talking about you not me. Well she has a muscle so maybe it is me. It is you. That was nine minutes ago. So that was even before. But i don’t know. Was that for me or was that for Frances. You can tell us the truth.”

Frances: “You know I was joking with TJ what two days ago and I was like TJ you are the one who decided to be an entertainer and be the seks symbol. So I told him he’s got to suck it up and do it”.