Basically about camera’s in general I’ve done my resarch. I knew i wasn’t going to be taking  photos as much and I was going to primarily be doing videos and this camera just spoke to me.

It’s something that i just wanted to have and  it took me about six months to finally actually purchase it because of my indecisiveness but i’m glad that I got it. I’m glad I got it. I’m happy I got it. I’ve always been one that likes to capture memories and moments. If I’m gonna get a camera I might as well try to get the best one that I could get. It has is well. Oh well i’m a beginner so I shouldn’t even say what it lacks but there are things that other people are upset about like there is no shutter angle. Which i’m highly upset about. Just kidding I have no idea what shutter angle is but the evf the (2.07) the little thing you look through. It does not have that. I don’t mind that I’m not taking pictures. I just wanted to start using this camera. It’s been great. Well there was one bad thing.

This camera comes with the handle and i have seen people talk about how poorly designed the handle is. Pretty much made of a plastic and it is not really a well built handle. Sadly this happened the first day i was shooting for this channel. When the handle broke it’s attached with the audio interface. That’s the part that broke off. So when that happened I didn’t have an audio source. Try not to let it annoy me. I took my Pocket 2 and I just tried to go out there and make a video anyways and then as you know things just went sideways. This is turning out to be a wonderful day. First my Fx3 handle breaks. I miss the handle because it’s just it’s something that came with the camera. It was designed for the camera and i feel like i should replace it. But for now i’m just using the modified version of the K3M. I think it’s called.

I ordered a piece I was able to save the little bits and pieces of the FX3 handle and convert it. So that’s what I’ve been using. In this vlog I’m going to use only the FX3. Just show what it can do a little bit. And then here is the thing. I’m learning guys. I don’t know how to do all this. I’m  trying to figure things out. I’m getting there, i’m getting there.  And you know I didn’t know what aperture was. I didn’t know what white balance was, i didn’t know what the shutter speed was. Different profiles and the creative looks. Like there’s a lot  of things. The vocal lengths, the slow motion, I still haven’t figured it out. There is a lot to learn about this camera. I’m excited for it. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been using mostly the Sony Zv1 and the Pocket 2 to do my vlogs.

But this was the real reason why i started the channel. I wanted to get this camera and I wanted to learn how to use it. Taking something that I have no idea about and just really from the beginning stages of it just learning. This is not a cheap camera, this is not a cheap camera. It’s not really an intro camera. I didn’t know if i should get it or not to be quite honest. And if it was worth it and like my brother said it depends how much you use it.

It depends on how much you use it. If you are going to use it. If you are going to put it to use then it’s worth it. If you’re not going to use it if it’s going to sit in your room and be i the corner collecting dust well probable in a bag but if you’re not gong to use it then yeah don’t get it because it’s not worth it.  I obviously got the camera and I want to start using it. This is a big one. I mean you got lenses you got prime lenses you got zoom lenses i didn’t know any of this stuff you guys. There is a lot more to learn. Like i said before I’ve seen what it can do. I believe I can get there. It’s gonna take some time like anything else I feel you got to put the work in. You got to learn and the best thing to learn things is just to do it. So we’re doing it. Drive around a couple of areas, neiighborhoods. Look how pretty this is. I’m about 30 minutes away from where downtown Nashville is. It’s quiet out here. It’s nice. I’m gonna go get something to drink and something to eat. I’m gonna get a coffee.  It’s a a bit different vlogging with this because  you gotta make sure the ISO is right. You’re not overexposed. Dang. This thing is heavy. This thing is heavy. This is cool. I’m liking it. It’s a little bit challenging to vlog with this thing but I’ll get better at it. Just making sure all my settings are correct. I don’t know what it’s going to look like. It’s not a point and shoot camera. This thing you have to like plan out and get your shots right. I understand that I know that but the only way to get better with this camera is to put it to use so I plan on doing that. People will probable see this and be like why is he making the camera look so bad. I’m making the camera look so bad because I don’t know what i’m doing. Eventually in time i will make the camera look good I promiss.  How long it will take me. I don’t know. That I can’t promiss but yeah we’ll get there. We’ll get there we’re going to enjoy the journey we’re going to enjoy the growth. We are going to embrace the challenges we’re gonna get there. If I went back sicks months ago” .

November 2021

“All right so here it is the Sony Fx3 with the 20 millimeter 1.8 I am at iso 160 the iris is set to 1.8. I don’t know are we over exposed? 160 is te lowest i can go. F Stop is at 1.8. plus two so proable a little bit overexposed. Yeah you can’t change it. Where am i at with the white balance. It is still at 1.8 Iso’s out 640. Let’s turn that iso down. Let’s get it dow n to 160. 160 is the lowest we can go. Probably still overexposed but what do you do in situations like this when you are over exposed. I know I need a nd filter don’t I still. I got to get an nd filyer. So we’re gonna get  and nd filter fort his because that’s exactly the problem”.

“I would not know anything, I would not know what and nd filter does. I wanted to know why I needed it. I wouldn’t know what a tiffin black pro miss 1.8 wouldn’t know what that does. Which I have on top of this as well as free little vnd filter but i would not know. I got text. I would not know What to do with this camera if i was overexposed if i was underexposed. I would not know how to correct that but I do now and i’m getting better. It will come. Stick with me. I’ll take you places we’ll learn. It’s gonna be quite a journey. We are gonna have fun. That’s it for now”