Frances: “Hallelujah. No I miss them though. But honestly this is the first birthday ever  that i’ve celebrated without the kids.”

TJ: “And you know what Frances, that’s okay. Because, because you don’t need a headache on your birthday you need to enjoy  the fact that you’re gonna be  four years older than me. You are officialy a cougar”

Frances “I’m a cougar. Get out of here.” Laughing

TJ: “So what do you want to do tomorrow?”

Frances “I just want to chill, maybe go shopping because they have. We’re connected to a mall which is super cool. Are you to close .”

TJ: “I’m not to close honey”

Frances “Hey background.”

TJ: “I’m not to close.”

Frances :“My plan is to wack up go to breakfast with you, this guy behind the camera and then probably shop. Just shop my little heart out. I probably won’t even buy much but it’s cool to look and maybe i’ll find something cute.”

TJ: “ I’m gonna make a confession. I have a card for you. I haven’t bought anything for you. So do you want me to buy something for you like now order something for you or do you want  me to just go shop and say you can have this you can have that you can have this have that.””

Frances : “I think that one”

TJ: “I’ll go with you”

Frances : “You will?”

TJ: “Yeah.”

Frances : “Cool.”

TJ: “How long do i have to stay?”

Frances : “Untill we find something I like.”

TJ: “All right sweetie, when are you ordering?”

Frances : “Oh you what, he said around 9 40 they probably put things away we’re not gonna let that happen. I used to dream about being able to like go on that restaurant or what it would be like.”

 TJ: “ You dreamt about going there?”

Frances : “Yeah I just dreamt I was like oh it’s so fancy and cool. I wonder if I’ll ever get to”

TJ:  “Really?”

Frances : “Yeah”

TJ:  “So let’s go. “

Frances : “Well they closed it due to Covid they  closed it  and they say right now it’s indefinetely but and I don’t know if it’s because you  didn’t know if we would still be together I don’t really know. But you said on our 20th anniversary you would take me there.”

TJ:  “Really?”

Frances : “ Yeah. And it’s way past that”

TJ:  “I always believed in us Franny I think it was just me buying time.”

Frances : “But you are buying time. I’m gonna be buying some food.”

TJ:  “Get to ordering honey.”

Frances : “Um can I please do a jumbo pretzel with the queso.”

Copper and Steel: “Anything else?”

Frances : “That should do it.”

Copper and Steel: “All right, thank you very much.”

Frances : “Thank you.  Thank yo uso much. Bye-bye

It is own like donkey kong. I don’t know why food makes me so happy but it does. It does. It’s really really does. Look at this pretzel”

TJ:  “She is not even looking at me anymore she all she cares about at this moment is eating.”

Frances : “It’s my birthday somewhere right now “

TJ:  “That is true .”

Frances : “So good.”

TJ:  “Pretzels  and pizza.”

Frances : “Margarita pizza. For the king of the castle”

TJ:  “That would be me, I am the king of this little castle and the diet starts the day after my birthday so we have a month and two days. I’m serious about this diet people. I’m serious. It’s gonna start just not yet.”

Frances : “Let the festivities begin.”

Frances : “I said I miss you Riojingos. It’s only been one day” (Laughter)

“Oh he misses me too.”

TJ:  “Rio “

Rio: “Hi mama”

TJ:  “You said happy birthday to your mom?”

Frances : “Ha look at your hair.”

“That’s scary.”

“How old am I today?”

Rio: “You’re 46.”

Frances : “I a mand you know who didn’t know exactly how old I was today?”

Rio: “Yeah?”

Frances : “Lexie”

Rio: “What?”

Frances : “She had to add that years on from her age. Well I love you guys so much.”

Frances’ Mama : “ We love you to enjoy baby”

Frances : “Thank you mama.”

Frances’ Mama : “We see you tomorrow sometime.”

Frances : “Okie dokie love you.”

Frances : “Honey okay.”

TJ:  “You’re such a wuss.”

Frances : “Do you know when I first met you i was way to shy to put makeup on in front of you?”

TJ:  “You were.”

Frances : “Way to shy.”

TJ:  “Why is that emberassing?”

Frances:  “Because it’s like almost like it’s altering myself.”

TJ:  “You are just anhancing your features.”

Frances:  “Yeah, I know.”

TJ:  “That’s all. All she is doing is enhancing the features just like when I put my hair up. I mean this is beautiful hair and when I put it up I’m just enhancing it.”

Frances:  “Crazy hair. I’m sure the girls used to play with your girls.oh my god I love your hair so much.”

TJ:  “They did, she does sound like them. She does sound like them. “

TJ:  “So here’s our hotel and there’s Frances’s favorite store. So you are in good shape?”

Frances:  “Right shape, right there.”

TJ:  “So here we are walking from the hotel to Frances’s favorite store Nordstrom”

Frances:  “Nordie”

TJ:  “Where it’s her birthday so we are going to shop anything in particular you’re wanting to get?”

Frances:  “Um you know whatever catches my eye. But i’m thinking a cute little bag.”

TJ:  “Frances may be thinking of a cute little bag or a purse or a top or a dress. Well tob e honest she has a hard time pulling the trigger for herself. So there is a good change she’lle end up getting noting. Yep I guess it’s what being a mother since the age of 15 does to you. You learn how to put yourself last. Well not today. Franny J you need something for you. Whether it’s a bracelet. Whether it’s sandals. Yeah those are kind of cool. They are kind of like old school Italian Roman times. You look good in them honey. Yeah go ahead and try those all. Look at you just get something my love. For you. It’s your birthday. “

“And guess what the store is still right there .”

Frances:  “Yeah and I haven’t even bought anything.”

It’s this pair of sweatpants and you’re I know why should i be buying them but because they look comfy.”

Frances:  “So i’m gonna go if they’re nd so there is one pair left and i said if theu are still there when i get back it was meant to be.”\

TJ:  “Allright. Let’s see what happens. For the record this is a restaurant next to a store and Frances is dancing ”

Frances:  “I’m gonna be dancing more when I have my wine.”

TJ:  “So we are taking a break from shopping, eating talking and celebrating the birthday girl. I don’t even know where the camera is but it is us up there.”

Frances:  “I feel bad like not celebrating with my family.”

TJ:  “This is your day.. You’re going to do some. We’re going to make it up this weekend. We’ll do something nice.”

Frances:  “Promiss?”

TJ:  :  “ We’re going to do something  fun this week.”

Frances:  “You are not just talking right?”

TJ:  :  “No what do you want  to do this weekend?”

Frances:  “Are you going to sing me happy birthday?”

TJ:  :  “I’ll sing you happy birthday but mnot like with the mic like.”

Frances:  “A birthday should  not go by qithout even if it’s a cookie with a candle a tiny cupcake and a happy birthday . Who agrees with me? Just something simple but you need to sing song Happy biryhday.”

TJ:  :  “We are back to shopping after lunch and she’s found her pjs so we are getting these as well.”

Frances:  “Floating around seeing what we can find.”

TJ:  :  “So where are we. We are in Frisco Texas in the mall in Frisco.”

Frances: “We are and I love the city but I have a question is is this torture for you?”

TJ: “No. Not yet. Yeah the fact  that we ate and now we are walking  not tortured. But why do I have all this limp things on my shirt ”

Frances: “Because I feel like you use your shirt as a napkin.”

TJ: “I don’t use my shirt as a napkin. It has to be the hoodie i was wearing.”

TJ: “It is a couple of days after your birthday. Where are we off to?”

Frances: “We are off to Dallas to have a birthday lunch with the fam.”

TJ: “And who’s that coughing in the background?”

Frances: “My baby Rio”

TJ: “We are heading to a family lunch dinner to celebrate Franny’s birthday um Mexican food of course. Are you excited Frances?”

Frances: “Huh excited I have not eaten today because i’m saving it for whem I eat but we are also going to see um JD perform.”

TJ: “Ye what are you gonna order?”

Frances: “Enchiladas.””

TJ: “Sopapilla”

Frances: “Sopapilla is a hundred percent.”

TJ: “Sopapilla is my favorite Mexican dessert um Franny used to have them when she was a kid and introduced me to them and they are good so we’re gonna  get some.”

Frances: “And that is all she wrote.”

Frances: “We have the other children back there Ray Ray, Dee Dee, Jo Jo.”

Frances: “Okay children get it together please.” Let’s go get is some shade people .”