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Is That An Excuse Or A Reason?

Taryl: "It’s 2.40 a.m. Still in Nashville Tenessee but I’m about to leave in 2 hours and 20 minutes to go to the airport. Then I’m landing LA. Gonna rehearse the third and the fourth with my brothers and then on the 5th we’re flying to France. We arrive on the sixth, we perform on the 7th and then we go back to LA on the 8th.

There is a difference between  an excuse and a reason. I’ll let you decide which one this is. I’m here in Strasbourg France with the Sony FX3. Synotone is the picture profile . i’m using the Ecm Xm1 microphone in the hotel room.  I have a show to do in about four hours. We go on at midnight. It’s a little different but. I started working on a video. I started editing a video. Taj gave ma a call and had to drop something off. He checked out the video so far where I was in progress which was not really that far.  I was at a dillema. Already it’s been a crazy week. From the time i started Nashville going to LA, coming here. It’s just been crazy. I’m in the process of moving. But the real problem the real thing is that this computer that i have here it’s making it really hard. I’ve learned alot this week. I made a mistake.

I used the Pocket 2, I used the FX3 and I used the Zv1 and i think the mistake was using the  ZV1 but now it’s tree cameras instead of two. I just made things a lot more difficiult than I need to be. Which is something I knew but something I did not follow. Let’s cut to it. not really having a video this week because the video that i want to create I don’t really have the time to create. Is that an excuse or a reason?

I  want it to be a good video. I don’t think i have the time and I don’t think that the computer is helping me out. I lost a day too. That’s another thing. Leaving from LA coming here to France I lost a day. Now you could say I could have edited on the plane which yeah I could have done but that didn’t happen. Been working on the show making sure everything is right. Cause that is important. I have to make sure that is good. Sounds like an excuse.

But the reason there is no video is that I don’t want to rush it. I don’t want to just throw it together. Look back at it and say I could have did this better. I could have did that better and it’s not saying that the next week or the week after when this video finally comes out that is going to be this great masterpiece. I feel like I need to give it a little bit of something extra. I want to do it justice. So i’m holding off on the crazy week that i just had and the video for that just didn’t have the proper tools, the proper time to make it all happen. So it sounds like an excuse but i think it’s a good reason".