TJ: “I don’t know what, that is very odd, But anyways the sound quality is not going to be as good because I don’t think it’s picking up, But anyways. We did a very important. We’re having all types of technical issues but it’s okay we’ll get through it. We did a very important live stream on Friday so five days ago on domestic violence and I willbe honest with you guys. I didn’t know i fit was the right thing to do. If it was something that we should be talking about on  this family channel Yes we’d like to talk about family and life and well “.

Frances: “Well that is.”

TJ: “ I don’t understand how that impacts the browser but it’s okay. Go ahead what were you are saying.”

Frances: “I’m not just saying that is. I think this is a great platform to speak about it because it affects many many people.”

TJ:  “Yeah but it just didn’t feel like. But look the lightnes that we always do on this channel.””

Frances:  “ But it is okay to add that stuff. Especially if it’s going to help someone out there.”

TJ:  “The way i see it though it’s important to discuss like Frances said if it going to help someone it is worth it. It is a true real issue that is going to on and although we are not going to talk about  a lot about it on this live we broadcast i think it’s important to discuss because what’s the point here.”

Frances:  “Oh no I was looking at my finger myself not for you.”

TJ:  “You were looking at your fingernail?”

Frances:  “Yeah.”

TJ:  “Do yo want to show them?

Frances:  “No I’m picking off my jail nails now.”

TJ:  “You put your finger right in front of me.”

Frances:  “Yeah because i couldnt see it.”

TJ:  “What was i talking about?”

Frances:  “Back to train a thought you are talking about.”

TJ:  “Okay the domestic violence live stream. So if you know anyone or if you are going through it please check it out because there is a lot of important information, a lot of helpful information in that live stream. Something is in my eye so I gotta.”

Frances:  “I agree.”

TJ:  “That I really think can be of use so again I encourage anyone who is going through or who knows someone who is going through domestic violence to check out our last live stream. And we’ll put a link to it right there on the giving tree. yes”

Frances:  “I want to click on Gina’s because she said Wednesdays are her Jam.”

TJ:  “Okay so you guys are liking Wednesdays. Okay we’ll stick with Wednesdays. Carol says I like Wednesday.”

Frances:  “Midweek.”

TJ:  “So we stick with Wednesday. MJ Vitiligo Beauty says you all made my day by going live. Right now. Currently laying in the hospital.  Bored like crazy. I’m sorry MJ Vitilio. Vitiligo Beauty. I’m happy to bring some joy to you.

”Frances:  “And hoping you are okay.”

TJ:  “Hoping everything is okay. Hopefully it’s not a long term visit tot he hospital but yeah we just want tos end some love to you and hope you enjoy the live stream.”

”Frances:  Yeah“

TJ:  “Talking about love Christnell with Super Chat the first says just sending my love.”

Frances:  “Thanks Christnell”.

TJ:  “Christnell how  I happy to also say that you’ve first of all you purchased a lot of stuff from my store my official store. And i’m happy to say we finally were able to get a lot of it out . Not everything because there’s a couple of items.”

Frances:  “That are on back order.”

TJ:  “That are on back order but we went ahead and shipped everything that we do have to all of you who ordered things. So Christnell and the many others be ready fors ome packages to arrive.”

Frances:  “Yeah“

TJ:  “So it’s very very cool. Belén says she loves your hat.”

Frances:  “Thank you Belén. It’s a bad hair day guys ”

TJ:  “What is wrong with your hair?”

Frances:  “Just I didn’t have time of doing laundry doing you know made lunch for you it’s been busy. It’s been very busy.”

TJ:  “Thank you for that Frances.”

Frances:  “You are welcome.”

TJ:  “Asia says hi, Hi Asia. Asia Talor from Philadelphia.”

Frances:  “Hi Asia.”

TJ:  “I love your name. Yes so Karen wants to know did anyone else meet. This was about five minutes ago and we got a new microphone. We use view mic blue mics there we go. I don’t want to cover your face. We use blue mics and this was a new one. The one we have been using has always been a Blue mic. Do you want to get it Franny?”

Frances:  “Where is it?”

TJ:  “It is in the office on the merch that way i can set up because that way the quality would be better but this was our first time using this one and  for some reason when it connected and it could be the cord so bring the whole back so this is the mic we started to use today. I don’t know why but it was just cutting off but it could be because of this cord setup so we are going to do a little bit of experimenting. I see there is a notification when it gets muted. So I see it. But I really want to make sure it is in a little the case. She got it. okay I if it is okay on this live stream we are going to be very chill and very free-flowing. There is no cord?”

Frances:  “Right here.”

TJ:  “Right here okay yeah so I want to see i fit is the mic or the cord. So we are going to use our old cord with the new mic and if it works then we know something may be off with that mic. Okay so give us a second or it could be this.”

Frances:  “Wow well here is the new one here is the other one. Just try it and see”

TJ:  “Okay well let me try it first with the old cord and the new adapter. I’m sorry this is so like rude. I mean. I’m sorry you guys.”

Frances:  “Look TJ is so technical when it comes to this kind of stuff.”

TJ:  “It has to sound good.”

Frances:  “And i want it it to be great. Even though we kind of tested it without a mike before and it didn’t make a huge difference”

TJ: “it didn’t make a huge difference but for anyone who listens to things and music .”

Frances:  “Like you.”

TJ: “Like me if there is anyone out there.”

Frances: “Maybe you guys out there too.”

TJ: “Maybe you’ll see difference. Okay so see like now we’ve just switched so maybe you didn’t hear a difference maybe you guys did. But we’ll see if it mutes. I fit mutes we know there is a problem with the chord. Okay. So thank you guys for letting us know. We are going tob e a team today. As Sanaajo says fix the sound.”

Frances: “Is the sound fixed that i want to know.”

TJ: “It’s on there. She is can’t hear now, Okay I mean even though these are old old old.”

Frances: “The mic.”

TJ: “Well we are gonna try one more. I promise you guys this will be the last time okay. But we are experimenting because I do a lot of live streams and I want to know what the problem is. All right.”

Frances: “You are getting confused?”

TJ: “Yeah but I hope you guys are okay this has been a little bit crazy.”

Frances: “Honey you know what the great thing is. Everybody knows how you are so i think they are cool with it all.”

TJ: “All right.”

Frances: “They are patient.”

TJ: “Oh it is not the computer. Okay. The mic is back on. I just gotta switch it to the mic.”

Frances: “Let’s see.”

TJ: “Okay we are back on the mic so now we are going to make our old cord so if something happens it’s the new one. So Franny what else I have to go through some of these because of my issue I have been down and behind. Khaliyah says. I’m always watching while at work.

Frances: “ I like it.”

TJ: “Stephen wants to comment on the middle of the week is cool. Yeah i think the middle I think Wednesday it breaks it up. We do are usually our vlogs on the weekends so Wednesday just feels like a cool time where people can sometimes I do worry people are at work but it just like you said the middle of the week.”

Frances: “It’s best for me too because the kids are in school.” 

TJ:  That’s true .”

Frances: “And you have DDJF right after.”

TJ:  “That’s true . So we have a super chat from Caleb. Caleb says hey TJ I wanted to let you know i did the last night do it to your video on Tik Tok. Also Frances gets more and more beautiful every day”

Frances: “That is so sweet Caleb. Oh my goodness”

TJ:  “I love you guys. Thank you. How sweet is that”

Frances: “Super sweet.”

TJ:  “Caleb I got to see this last night do it to your video. Did you send it to me. Did you DM me? Don’t just tag me tag me because that does help but if you DM me then I will know and I think it’s I want to see it. I love your dancing videos so make sure to DM me. Lively has a question Frances. Hey how do  you talk to your kids about smoking. What is your opinion about that?  We think smoking is bad, By the way we’ve got the the science CD for Lynn’s birthday and we love it and thanks Frances fort he b-day wish. ”

Frances: “You are so welcome girls.”

TJ:  “So Frances.”

TJ:  “I believe it was Lynn that was. Yes it’s Lynn’s birthday. What did I say?”

Frances: “Yeah you said that I didn’t really read the comments.”

TJ:  “Okay. What is our opinion on kids and smoking? Can I interject real quick. I don’t feel it’s as big of an issue here in the states. I don’t know about as you speak because when we were in Europe there is a lot of people smoking still a lot.”

Frances:  “Even young people.”

TJ:  “And that’s not so common here. I feel like you go to a movie theater anywhere you don’t see many people smoking out in public. Smoking tobacco whatever the traditional way.

I know it still happens but it’s on the decline here in the states . I don’t know if that is necessarily the case in Europe but do we talk to. Okay so. I know one thing when Royal was 12 years old I homeschooled him for the year and we made him do a project on smoking and the dangers of smoking. We made him list 10 reasons why smoking is bad for you and he did a  whole entire presentation.”

Frances:  “For the family.”

TJ:  “For the family. So you know it talked about you know the lung issues. It talked about cancer it talked about the expensive.”

Frances:  “And how many chemicals are in the actual cigarette is insane.”

TJ:  “Talked about breath, It talked about a little bit. He hit all those things. That was our basic of our talk. We never really had to talk to him about it again. I don’t think any of our kids really smoke.”

Frances:  “But i do recommend if you want to introduce that conversation to your kids or young adults I really believe that have the do some research. Just let them do their own research that way. You know because sometimes when parents tell you things you are not always like oh yeah my parents are right and listening but when they hear it from others sometimes it sticks more.”

TJ:  “And we elected fort he presentation approach. That way they can feel it is coming form them and it’s their opinions and their shaping it. i have it on video somewhere. That’s another great thing for bonus content.”

Frances:  “Yeah we have it on video”

TJ:  “Where would it be?. Is it on a phone or on a computer. I’m going to find it”