TJ : “I will say, go ahead, go ahead.”

Frances:  “I think that is the most freeing part. Where we can go and we can stay out late. We don’t have to worry about someone complaining about how tired they are I. But I would not take back what we experienced last month. That was amazing. It really was”

TJ : “It’s been an amazing time it’s just you know the last five or six years of our relationship  we’ve really made it a point to make sure we have couples times. And it’s been great. It’s been very healthy  not only for us but for the whole family. So it’s been a good thing. Claire says hope you’re enjoying every minute of your vacation as a couple. It’s very well deserved. And Frances I hope you already starte don the red wine.”

Frances: “I sure did.”

TJ : “Frances when was the last time you had some red wine?”

Frances: “We did a little happy our downstairs in the lobby. So that was my red wine.”

TJ : “Park is watching from South Korea and guess what Frances it’s three one. Now it’s 3.51 in the morning. Thanks from watching. 

Frances: “Yeah Park. Welcome.”

TJ : “Domingo our Amigo from Madrid actually from Alicante right. It’s from I meant to say from Espana.”

Frances: “Yes.”

TJ : “Domingo says i love the new song. Thanks TJ . What song? Are you making a joke Domingo? Is Domingo playing on me. Well maybe he is talking about Heaven On My Lips accoustic. But maybe it’s a joke.”

Frances: “Maybe it’s beautiful.”

TJ : “Maybe this is something different. But talking about new songs guess what Frances I have a new song coming out. Do you know the date?”

Frances : “Do I know the date.”

TJ : “Of when it’s released?””

Frances : “It’s probably going to be a Friday

TJ : “Okay”

Frances : “Probably september 9th because that’s your favorite number. I’m just guessing here I have no idea.”

TJ : “Well I’ll give you some credit because when deciding the release date I did like how nine nine seven so that probably.”

Frances : “Am I right or now?”

TJ : “You are right.”

Frances : “Yes.”

TJ: “You want some water?”

Frances : “Yeah.”

TJ: “There is some water. You win some water Franny Jay. As Christnell says remember Passion will be out september 9th. By the way we are drinking water consistently why  Frances. Because it’s warm.”

Frances : “It is it is hot in Paris guys.”

TJ: “Even like last time we were hot.”

Frances : “That was a different experience. At least this time we have an AC. I’m enjoying it.”

TJ: “Yeah. Hotshoe says Franny is always guessing but she is usually right.”

Frances : “You know I do know him pretty well but I don’t know everything about TJ as far as his music goes I have tob e honest.”

TJ: “So Nicole Says I can’t wait for passion. That is my next single that is coming out. I will have a pre-save and pre-order link probably next week is when I’ll start pushing that out to everyone who signed up form y newsletter so if you haven’t signed up. Make sure you sign up. It’s TJ”


Frances : “I didn’t get your last one.”

TJ: “ Why didn’t you get my last.”

Frances : “I don’t know I was like did you delete me from the mailing list?”

TJ: “I would never.”

Frances : “I don’t get it.”

TJ: “I don’t delete anyone from the mailinglist.  You must check your spam or junk mail. Maybe because you haven’t opened it in so long they are now considering my mail going to you as junk mail or spam”

Frances : “You know what I do want to share a cool thing that happened today with you guys. Tj and I were at a restaurant eating and inside they were playing I Need You and I.”

TJ: “They were.”

Frances : “And I thought that was so cool.”

TJ : “They were and it was insteresting for me because look I’ve heard myself on the radio I’ve heard myself in locations in stores and shopping cenyer restaurants. I’ve heard it in I’ve heard it everywhere but it’s been a while you know and it doesn’t  play as much as you know we are talking about music from 20 plus years ago so it doesn’t play as much. Still sometimes like on some radio stations back home I’ll hear it. I don’t listen tot the radio often but I’ll hear it there. I don’t usually hear it in restaiurants anymore.”

Frances : “That was cool.”

TJ : “But it was cool to walk into jus tour second restaurant since being here and to hear what part was it on. It was Ontario’s Park. I was just going down to wash my hands because our food was almost there because we were sitting outside to enjoy the Parisian streets that was a nice it was anbout an hour ago so it was you know right at that kind of starting sunset time and I heard it and I was like Franny. I had to get Franny right here I said what song is this”

Frances : “And I was like for a minute.”

TJ : “What was cool though what was funny though is when we were. I was standing listening to the song. I was like. Yep that is I Need You and I started reminiscing a bit. The guy who worked there was like looking at me like can I help you? Do you need something? Are you lost? And it wasn’t a big restaurant so i was like it was weird I was like no I’m not  gonna tell him this is my song I’m just gonna look down for a minute and then I went back to get  to get out. I went back outside to get Frannny Jay ”