TJ : “This is from Valerie. Valerie wants to know does the family Rules membership accept Paypal as a payment method?”

Frances: “Hmmm”

TJ : “Frances?”

Frances: “You know I don' know that answer. I don't know why you are playing”

TJ : “I'll be honest I don't know the answer because it is our channel that we are doing the membership from we don't have to answer this question. So anyone who is experiencing who is a member maybe you guys can answer the question for Valerie at some point during this live.””

Frances: “I feel like you could.”

TJ : “You should be able to Paypal.”

Frances: “Yeah.”

TJ : “Paypal is a pretty you know I think it is also the standard.”

Frances: “I figure it is bigger in Europe though than it is in the States right?”

TJ : “We'll see. I think someone's going to let us know and for those who don't know about the membership. The membership is exactly that. It is a membership for the Family Rules there is a join button right next to the subscribe button where you can join and there are three different levels. There is Bruh, Queen and Knights.”

Frances: “So funny when you say that.”

TJ : “Well what his name is”

Frances: “I know.”

TJ : “And the Queen is where we do the live chats weekly. We're going to actually do one most likely tomorrow and the Knights you get usually it's every week bonus content. There is a whole library now of Knight content. That's very cool.

Some throwback stuff from many years ago. I actually have a real cool one that I've been meaning to put up. Franny you got to remind me. Maybe tomorrow I'll put that one up. But there is a lot of cool stuff we do for our members. You get emojis you get little badges stuff like that.

So it's. There is a lot of little perks. Sanaaj says I don't think they accept Paypal. I've never seen Paypal. That so far is the answer Valerie. I don't know that answer.

Teresa said I use Paypal for everything and i'm in the States.”

Frances: “Okay.”

TJ : “So. Okay well we're going to we'll find out the answer. In the meantime Lydia says I didn't know this live was on Facebook too. How cool. That is right. We are on. We are currently on Twitter as well.

We fluctuate between Twitter and Twitch so it simultaneously on Facebook on Youtube and Twitter and or Twich so. So there you go. Yafavgio says drop the skin care routine.”

Frances: “I think we just did this what last week.”

TJ : “No but she went.”

Frances: “I think oh.”

TJ : “I think they want a video.”

Frances: “Okay it's gonna be pretty boring.”

TJ : “What do you mean it's gonna be boring?”

Frances: “Yeah because it doesn't. I just don't. I just think the key to good skin though is just me not wearing makeup when I was younger to be honest.”

TJ : “Really? Why?”

Frances: “Yeah. I think what happens I could be wrong about it I'm not and esthetician or a dermatologist or anything like that but I do feel like the more you put on your face it kind of over time makes your pores bigger. And I think when you have bigger pores I think that's what. That's where it depends on I don't know. The skin type I guess.”

TJ : “I guess all right well that's just something you thought that the last”

Frances: “The last necklace keeps shining. Should i take it off?”

TJ : “Take it off. Let me see. Shine Bright like a diamond Frances. It's all good. This is another thing. You are getting a lot of love by Cairo by the way Frances. Yesterday she turned 25.”

Frances: “Nice. Kyra”

TJ : “She says she loves us. We love you too Kyra. Happy Happy birthday to you.”

Frances: “Yes. 25 what an age”

TJ : “Great great time. I don't want to say the best time of my life because I truly think there is some wonderful years ahead but this is up there Kyra so enjoy it. Don't think things to seriously.”

Frances: “Yeah.”

Grow from everything. Learn from everything. And just enjoy the time.That's what I think my advice to you is.”