“The beauty of this channel is it is what is and you get what you get I guess the flipside of it is it is what it is if you get what you get.”

“Here we are another video, another week and wasn’t feeling it, straight up honest this week has been a little bit down, i’m not trying to make this a negative video or making it a poor me video or make it a sad video just being honest here.

I don’t  want to just show one side of things I want to show everything, well not all things just somethings.

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Tj and Frances are discussing if there is a double standard while raising boys vs girls. Frances will undergo Sinus surgery tomorrow. Frances loves to go outside, but her Sinus started to act up. She has migraines she misses a lot of activities. TJ likes hot showers, but Frances likes almost cold showers.

TJ and Frances do know when their is an emergency situation but they do know when they need to stock up and they will do so early if necessary.

TJ loves Costco because they have great deals and they have good bulk store.



TJ answers various questions,  one of the questions he answers is the the question “Midlife Crisis- Am I having one?"

According to Frances TJ is going through the beginning of a a Midlife Crisis, it can happen tot the best of us people. Frances feels like TJ is more sentimental and he is more fulnerable .

According to TJ he is just growing as a human, and he says “that is not a midlife crisis”. According to frances TJ is sweeter and more understanding. According to TJ it is maturity, it is just age and it’s experience.

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This Q&A from March 9th 2022  with TJ Jackson answers the questions like

How did TJ's brothers and family react to Frances being pregnant?

It’s a day before Rio’s 7th  birthday and he changed wat he wanted to do with his birthday several times already. Rio wanted to go to Paris, to Vegas, Rio wanted to go tot he Eiffeltower in Vegas.

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