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The Johnny Depp Verdict Is In And Our Thoughts - Live Q&A

TJ: “Hello everyone. Today’s date is june 1st 22. We are already in june Franes the year is flying by.”

Frances: “It is crazy”

TJ: “There is so much going on right now. Not only in the world but in our house. We are getting ready to get ready to leave. Getting ready to get leave to New York and Europe for of course my Night to Remember Shows. I’m really looking forward to those. It is going to be a lot of fun. Again game planning with a bunch of people.

Omizel and Doria and Laura and Grazia, Taryl and there is so many people and musicians that we are all game planning with to make this a special trip and a special show so that is going reallly cool. I’m excited to be there with you guys and to do these shows. With all that said there is also  going on outside of our world  the Johnny Depp Amber Heard   trial. I think it is. Do we have a verdict yet people?”

Frances: “It’s  the internet”

TJ: “We know our internet is no good but it is okay. It’s okay. They will be okay. It comes and goes. Freddie Georgina says you are looking so pretty.”

Frances: “Oh thank you Georgina .”

TJ: “What are you wearing today?”

Frances: “What do you mean?

TJ: “What are you wearing today? “

Frances: “What does that mean.”

TJ: “ I don’t know. It is cool it is a jacket with some rhinestones”

Frances: “No babe this is a shirt a button-up shirt.”

TJ: “Okay.”

Frances: “No it is not a jacket it is a shirt.”

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From a Covid Scare to Living His Best Life


Frances Mom: "Oh yeah that is good enough"
Frances: "Yeah baby. You know what my love we did have some I think in TJ's toiletry kit . There is some inside the parking "
Frances: " What's that mama
Not so good but I think tomorrow he'll be better, My hair dries "
TJ:"Poor guy"
Franes mom:"He has been sick"
Frances: " Come here honey"
Rio: "Nooo"
Frances: " He needs to drink "

Rio: "Nooo"
Frances: "You can sit on me for all I care. i don't care. I will hold you. You have to drink water baby . Good job baby. No one more time and then you can lay back down. Drink water "
Frances: " Oh my goodness this no."

Frances: " Just breathe you're fine. You don't have to put it in your mouth okay. It is okay" .
TJ: "What is this Franny?"
Frances:" it's a breathing treatment. What does it do. It helps . No no you don't have to put it in your mouth. I'll just hold it right here. Just breathe normal okay. Ir's okay . And yep i'll clean your nose in a minute don't worry about your nose. Hello. good job. See all that is healthy."

TJ: "After not seeing any type of improvement we decided to take Rio to the emergency room. You know it is never easy to see your kids struggling. Especially during a pandemic because then you start thinking. Is it covid? Well it wasn't Covid it was bronchitis so with more breathing treatments and some antibiotics it wouldn't be to long before Rio was back to his normal self. Hang in there little man. All is going to be okay"

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TJ: “What is going on everyone. It is TJ and Frances Jackson. It is Wednesday may 25th and this is a tough live for us. Normally we go live every Wednesdays and we are talking about fun and joking and poking fun at each other but today we just didn’t feel comfortable doing that. 

I think like many of you our mind, hearts and souls are with those who have lost their live or have family members who who  have lost their  life or friends who have lost their lives in Uvalde  Texas shooting just yesterday.

And for those that don’t know what happened i. 19 so far 19 young children and two adults two teachers have died in a shooting at an elementary school in south Texas in Uvalde Texas .  The gunman an 18 year old opened fire at the Robb elementary school  and just wreaked havoc. Very remniscent of the tragedy of Sandy Hook back in 2012.

But anyways yes this 19 year old had a handgun an ar-15 semi automatic rifle and high capacity magazines according to investigators and  the teenager is also suspected of killing his grandmother.”


TJ: “Shooting”

Frances:”She is in critical condition”

TJ: “Prior tot he rampage at the school. Now so. I think it’s important to talk about why wanted to discuss this you know especially for those who have just recently followed us you may have followed us because of our  “We don’t Talk About Bruno Videos the fun you know our vlogs it is all fun.

But our why is why we wanted  to talk about this when we first decided to do the family rules we wanted the whole goal was to bring positivity

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