How a Dog Ended Up in Our House

Frances: “Oh that’s pee. Don’t step in it and i told my husband that this was gonna happen. This is all pee . So you are in charge of getting old towels.”

TJ:”I was going grabbing my phone which has to be somewhere because i grabbed it. And saw alerts on the camera, security camera. So I saw the dog and i’m like is that a coyote? And then I noticed it was a dog. So then I opened the door because I obviously I’m not afraid of a dog. I think he heard a coyote or coyotes because he will not go outside.”

Jo Jo: “No that boys she is gonna kill us.”

TJ:”And then you are gonna put it back in there?”

Jo Jo: “What  am i supposed to do it’s water it’s not gonna kill anyone.”

  TJ: ”Mama she almost used a regular bowl. I stopped her. I get that credit and now she is looking for”.



“So the thing i was trying to avoid from happening, is happening.  Tried to avoid this but I guess it was meant to be. We’re Pocket 2 it again. I got the DJI wireless mic that comes with the digital creative combo or whatever it’s called.

This isn’t the video that I intended for you guys to get but it’s the video you are getting so. I apologize but it is what it is. It is not that i didn’t try. I probably tried to hard. I knew this time was coming and i tried to prepare. Where did we go wrong with this? I plan to do a video. I had the video. I actually had the idea in the last video that i did.”

Last video:

“What are the tools that I need? There is a mic I want to get. A shotgun mic but it is backordered. I’m gonna try this other mic much like that DJI wireless mic that I was using. I actually have it right here. It’s a wireless bluetooth Sony Mic but we’ll save that for another video.”

Vlogging with the Sony FX3


“Just yesterday I posted my Fx3 video, the camera reveal. While i was making the vlog i thought one thing. Then when I got back and i looked at the footage i thought another. I just wanted to share some of the things that crossed my mind. Pretty much the thoughts before during and after how is that.  

Today I wanted to talk about some of my thoughts just things i came accross using the FX3. I knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as the Pocket 2 and the Zv1 because it’s a bigger camera. It’s a bigger camera, it’s heavier camera and it’s a more serious camera.

The biggest difference between the Pocket 2 and the Zv1 and the FX3 is number one the FX3 is a full frame camera which is a way bigger sensor whereas the others are i don’t know. They’re one inch sensors maybe i don’t know but they are not full-frame camera.  

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