In A Pinch


“Wednesday night. Oh no it’s starting to rain. I’m actually on my way. Not to get food, i’m actually walking to the Bridgestone Arena right now. I’m about to see a concert”

“Maxwell, Joe, Anthony Hamilton about to go see that concert and i’m going by myself. Never done that before. First time for everything right.  It’s drizzling a little bit. Not the best weather. I’ve gone to the movies plenty of times by myself, never to  a concert .  It’s not cold, it’s just a light little drizzle. Gotta shoot a vlog. I haven’t done all week. I mean I tried one. I wasn’t filming that one. So we are in a pinch”.

Septoplasty Nose Surgery

Frances: “Ah that's what's in my nose on each side”

TJ: “What are you watching?”

Frances: “Split removal”

TJ: “Are you scared about it?”

Frances: “Terrfied, but she just she made it seem like. Get these things out of me because it's so uncomfortable ”

TJ: “Show me”

TJ:” Frances had a horrible life night last night. She was in bed all night because of a migraine because of her sinus so we're gonna see how she's doing”

Frances:” I woke up at like 2 30 and went downstairs until like 4.30.”

A Night Out With The Pocket 2 (Testing the DJI Wireless Mic)


“I think we are gonna go uh we are gonna go out walk around see how this guy performs in low light. Maybe I bring this little mic here. Test it out. It's the Dji wireless mic that comes with the Pocket 2. I think it's called the creative bundle or content bundle and we 'll try that. Lets go with that”.

“All right we are at 7.28 (pm) right now. I don't know. I'm gonna get something to eat. I just don't know if I want to go that direction or in that direction. I know I don't really wanna go on that direction because there is really not much that way.

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