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What is Wrong With Your Generation?

Q&A With TJ Jackson and Royal Jackson

TJ Jackson: “What is going on everyone?It is me TJ Jackson and with me is my eldest birtson being mr Royal Jackson.

Royal:”Oh my gosh””

TJ Jackson: “You got such a low voice Royal. Anyways we are live of course on march 23th wedsnesday here on the Family Rules Channel and of course it's not Frances, it’s Royal today because Franny is still recovering from our operation. She is doing very well.

I want to thank everyone for all the very nice and kind messages . She’s felt that love from the beginning and it means a lot to me and of course the whole family

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I Have An Anouncement

TJ Jackson:

“What is going on everyone, it’s me TJ and I have some special, very cool news to share with you. What is it that I’m going to share with you?  Well it’s that time. I’m going to do my very first solo show as a solo artist this year in Paris, France on June 24th. Yes June 24th of 2022*.

I’ll be in Paris singing my songs some 3T’songs and who knows maybe some Jackson songs. Either way it going to be a fun night, it’s going to be an intimate night, it’s going to be a memorable night. It’s going to be a night to remember.  Get your tickets at . I can’t wait to see you there.

Love Always.”


*TJ Jackson will do a second show on June the 26th of 2022. the show on June the 24th 2022 is already sold out

The Days that Count



“The beauty of this channel is it is what is and you get what you get I guess the flipside of it is it is what it is if you get what you get.”

“Here we are another video, another week and wasn’t feeling it, straight up honest this week has been a little bit down, i’m not trying to make this a negative video or making it a poor me video or make it a sad video just being honest here.

I don’t  want to just show one side of things I want to show everything, well not all things just somethings.

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