Marlon, Jackie and Tito Jackson

The Jacksons are kicking of their 2022 international tour in their Former hometown of Gary indiana.

Marlon: “We used to love to do the Carol Burnett show when we were young kids. Just thinking about that is like WOW that is a long time ago.”

In 1974 the Jacksons did a show on the Carol Burnett Show when an earthquake hit.

Jermaine: "That was one occasion that scared us all, you know we did not know what to do at the time”

"We Don't Talk About Bruno"

It’s fun to watch the making of the first made video as a family With TJ Jackson, Frances Jackson, Dee Dee,  Jo Jo and Royal. Because i can see they had great fun together while creating the video

Dee Dee will gets wet in one of the scenes. And the video takes more than two scenes.  The video was taken in several days .

Janet Jackson’s Dad Pushed Her to Pursue Show Business Over Law | The Tonight Show

“The documentary “Janet Jackson” premiered  last week hug hit. Over 15 million people watched this and loved it. How does it feel to have it finally come out?”

Janet: “-My gosh- it feels great. And i’m so happy. I’m very thankful that so many people watched and enjoyed it. I mean beyond, beyond, beyond”.

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