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Vlogging with the Sony FX3


“Just yesterday I posted my Fx3 video, the camera reveal. While i was making the vlog i thought one thing. Then when I got back and i looked at the footage i thought another. I just wanted to share some of the things that crossed my mind. Pretty much the thoughts before during and after how is that.  

Today I wanted to talk about some of my thoughts just things i came accross using the FX3. I knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as the Pocket 2 and the Zv1 because it’s a bigger camera. It’s a bigger camera, it’s heavier camera and it’s a more serious camera.

The biggest difference between the Pocket 2 and the Zv1 and the FX3 is number one the FX3 is a full frame camera which is a way bigger sensor whereas the others are i don’t know. They’re one inch sensors maybe i don’t know but they are not full-frame camera.  

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Main Camera reveal



“Today I’m doing something i have never done before. I always wanted to do. Just never did. I’m revealing my main camera and I’m shooting my whole vlog on that camera.

 Ladies and gentlemen the camera that i’m using it is called.

So today I’m doing something that I haven’t done before on this channel. I’ve used this camera. But I never vlogged with it and I want to start using this camera because it’s basiclly the reason why i started doing this channel. This camera that I’m using is the Sony FX3. It’s a cinema camera. Uh it is not necessarily a beginner’s camera and I probably have no business using it. But i treated myself I got myself a little present and why not. This is a great camera. I’ve seen what it can do. I’ve talked to my brother Taj and my friend Dave about this camera.

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She's Back! The Hardest Part Of Surgery - Live Q&A


TJ:  “What is going on  everyone. It is april 13 th Wednesday of 2022. It is TJ Jackson and”

Frances: “I’m back”

TJ:  “She is back everyone, it is Frances Jackson to my  left.”.

Frances: “I’m sick but I’m back.”

TJ:  “Yeah she’s sick. Now this sickness doesn’t have anything to do with your surgery doesn’t it?”

Frances: “No, no my mum was sick and so I got sick too.”

TJ:  “Look Frances we got a notification that we are live. So it does work but anyways . Wednesday april 12 2022.  It’s great to have the one and only Frances Jackson right next to me. We missed you Frannie. I will say Royal filled it well for two times and so did Rio. Rio did a little”.

Frances: “Royal did twice, oh wow”.

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