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Prince hosting 'Thriller Nights' charity costume party

Prince is hosting a 'Thriller Nights' charity costume party at the Jackson family estate. Prince Jackson has teamed with Taj Jackson to design a mesmerizing haunted house for the event.

The costume party will take place Oct. 29 2021 from 7 p.m. to midnight.
The number of people that can attend the party will be restricted due to the Corona Virus restrictions.

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ASK TITO: Why is the album dedicated to your mother?

Tito Jackson answers the question “Why is the album dedicated to your mother?”. His answer:

“My mum, myself and I are the blues lovers in the family”. Now Michael, or Jackie have said in the past, or Randy or Latoya or Jermaine said they like blues: they only like it this much, but we loooove blues!!`

And my mum is my  rock and shield on every aspect of my life and she deserves this dedication.

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