Special Birthday Live

Tj: “The birthday girl says wear the white jumper. Where is she supposed to  wear the white jumper too Franny Jackson.”

Frances: “Oh”

Tj: “You pushed me out of the way and we reveal another young one Rio.”

Frances: “Over there baby”

Tj: “So we are getting ready to go to a dinner fort he birthday girl miss Franny J. How are you Franny J?”

Frances: “Um well Rio that is not up to us. Have a seat.”

Tj: “Rio’s internet is not working mama is in full mama mode getting everyone including me ready for.”

Frances: “Including you?”

Tj: “Ready for.”

Frances: “You are the number one person”

 Tj: “A dinner”

Frances: “That i gotta take care of.”

Tj: “But I will say this i’s beautiful thing we are in the midst of our little trip. We are having a wonderful time. It’s a wonderful day. We are so blessed. We are spending some wonderful family time together and it’s been great.”

Frances: “Thank you for all the birthday wishes you guys.”

Tj: “You’ve gotten a lot of love from them”

Frances: “Very sweet

Tj: “Hola feliciades France.  ”

Frances: “Gracias Berlin”

Tj: “So and we are in your wonderful country. Almost at stake but we are in your wonderful country Kristy Cream says happy birthday. “

Frances: “Thank you.”

Tj: “Anne says happy birthday Franny.”

Frances: “Okay.”

Tj: “Letty says Happy wouldn’t tip be fine.”

How Do We Nurture Our Marriage? - Live Q&A From NY


TJ: “There we go we are live from New York. We could actually be anywhere but we are in New York. We are hanging out. We just did a statue of Liberty this morning. We got to see it with all the the kids. Especially Rio was the happiest. 
I think.”

Frances: “Yes”

TJ: “But we also are just taking a mini break before we do our next adventure in New York but i first want to say hello and thank you to everyone who has tuned in  to watch this fun live Q& A. Frances how are you doing? How does it feel to be in New York?”

Frances: “Feels good. I’m good though. It feels good. Tired but i’m good ”

TJ: “Okay well Rio wants to show something too. Go ahead Rio. Come on.”

Rio: “To proof that we are in New York this is what i built. To proof we are in New York.”

TJ: “To proof that we are in New York he built a toy with the Eiffel tower. “

Frances: “You keep saying Eiffel tower.””

TJ: “Alright Gustaf Eiffel had something to do with the Statue of Liberty of course. Helped design it. Well there is another guy too that I just learned about that didn’t get as much credit. But anyways it’s a great story and something that you guys will see in a future vlog. So if you haven’t subscribed to our channel what are you waiting for? Subscribe and you will eventually see this live. Franny J my arm is stuck behind you. Do you want to handle the comments ?”

The Johnny Depp Verdict Is In And Our Thoughts - Live Q&A

TJ: “Hello everyone. Today’s date is june 1st 22. We are already in june Franes the year is flying by.”

Frances: “It is crazy”

TJ: “There is so much going on right now. Not only in the world but in our house. We are getting ready to get ready to leave. Getting ready to get leave to New York and Europe for of course my Night to Remember Shows. I’m really looking forward to those. It is going to be a lot of fun. Again game planning with a bunch of people.

Omizel and Doria and Laura and Grazia, Taryl and there is so many people and musicians that we are all game planning with to make this a special trip and a special show so that is going reallly cool. I’m excited to be there with you guys and to do these shows. With all that said there is also  going on outside of our world  the Johnny Depp Amber Heard   trial. I think it is. Do we have a verdict yet people?”

Frances: “It’s  the internet”

TJ: “We know our internet is no good but it is okay. It’s okay. They will be okay. It comes and goes. Freddie Georgina says you are looking so pretty.”

Frances: “Oh thank you Georgina .”

TJ: “What are you wearing today?”

Frances: “What do you mean?

TJ: “What are you wearing today? “

Frances: “What does that mean.”

TJ: “ I don’t know. It is cool it is a jacket with some rhinestones”

Frances: “No babe this is a shirt a button-up shirt.”

TJ: “Okay.”

Frances: “No it is not a jacket it is a shirt.”

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