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A Night Out With The Pocket 2 (Testing the DJI Wireless Mic)


“I think we are gonna go uh we are gonna go out walk around see how this guy performs in low light. Maybe I bring this little mic here. Test it out. It's the Dji wireless mic that comes with the Pocket 2. I think it's called the creative bundle or content bundle and we 'll try that. Lets go with that”.

“All right we are at 7.28 (pm) right now. I don't know. I'm gonna get something to eat. I just don't know if I want to go that direction or in that direction. I know I don't really wanna go on that direction because there is really not much that way.

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What Super Power We Would Choose

“What is going on everyone. It’s me TJ Jackson and with me is the one and only  - my youngest son – Rio Jackson. How are you Rio?”

Rio: “Good”

TJ: “Rio you get to come a little closer to me man you are going to come off the screen”.

Rio: “I’m not”.

TJ: “Okay, he is not. We are live of course today’s  day is Wednesday march 30th 2022 and you can  see the living room looks a little bit different.  It looks a little bit more messier. Well i guess it depends what you think is messy and what is not. Rio do you  want to explain why our living room looks different? Why does it look different Rio?”

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Things Happen


Taryll: “I’m going on a walk. I’m taking you with me a few things I want to talk about. Let’s go.

Back at it, walking to get something to eat actually. Haven’t had anything, it’s 12.45. I guess this is what late – because its not brunch- because i kind of missed I guess it could be brunch it’s a brunch.

Zv1 we are walking, arms are getting tired I’m holding it out, didn’t bring the little stick, I wanted to try to do this and  this is pretty tough. My arms are  getting tired. If you have been watching some of my videos it’s been between  the Pocket Two and the Zv1. Those have been the two camera’s I have been using the most.

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