Live Q&A From The French Riviera

TJ : “What is going on everyone?. It is TJ and Frances Jackson and we are here for another Q&A Live”

Frances: “That's the plan”

TJ : “This is the last day of August of 2022. August 31st.

Tomorrow we start a whole new month. September and again this year is flying by. But that's okay. It's been a productive year for myself Miss Franny J, the family. It's been a very very good year. It has. Anything you want to say Frances? Before we get into some Q&A's”

Frances: “No”

Frances: “I'm just enjoying our little vacation. I do miss the children though.”

TJ : “She do.”

Frances: “I miss them.”

TJ : “Missing the children but all is well back home we've been checking in the kids have been doing their school and sports and other activities and we have been on vacation here in the French Riviera you know we realize that it's too dark to show  to you anywhere cool so we are just doing it in a section of our hotelroom.”

Frances: “Unfortunately guys.”

TJ : “The planting the lighting and all that good stuff. I mean we could have done this outside but.”

Frances: “No why we couldn't we have though?”

TJ : “Oh we couldn't have done that because I get eaten up by mosquitoes.”

Frances: “We were at the pool earlier and they were just getting TJ and TJ does not like cold water. You had to get into the water just to get away from the mosquitoes.”

TJ : “That's right that water was cold but the mosquitoes bite hurt more than the cold water so I was a fish today you guys. I was in the water. Okay Frances we have a couple of questions already.”

Frances: “Okay.”

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TJ : “We are live what is going on everyone it is TJ and Frances Jackson coming to you from Paris France.”

Frances: “From Paris”

TJ : “From Paris. Yes we are in Paris France we left America a couple of days ago. Got in last night. Yeah because we lost a day or we lost half a day”

Frances: “Because of the hour difference.”

Yeah because of the hour difference. It's a nine hour hour difference from LA and than plus the eleven hour flight we basicly lost a day but we are here in Paris France enjoying a couple's little vacation before I have to do a show with my brothers and Holland which I'm excited about.

But Frances wanted to come out on the road with me and enjoy some time. Mother Theresa in back home with the kids. Royal is on big brother duty and Alexia is coming this weekend to help about. So the home base is covered so we got some time to sneak out and have some couples time. Frances how is it going. How is couple times going?”

Frances: “Couple's time is going great.”

What do you like about couple's time?”

Frances: “The freedom honestly.”

TJ : “The Freedom.”

Frances: “The freedom.”

TJ : “Freedom from what Franny?”

Frances: “Well just like look I love when the kids come and I did love the last month that they where here. That was beautiful. I just think that you know having to worry about just you.”

TJ : “You are talking about the last trip?.”

Frances:  “Yeah. No like I worry. I  still do a lot for you still. So i think that probably is the most freeing part”.

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TJ: “Allright we are live todays date is Wednesday August 17th 2022. TJ Jackson here with my wife Frances Jackson.”

Frances Jackson: “Hello guys.”

TJ: “And we are coming at you for another Q and A where we can connect with our family rulers all of you out there who are enjoying our channel. Our content. We want to thank you for joining us . Yes we are a little bit late but we are here today . How is everyone doing today? I see Christnell says happy Wednesday.”

Frances Jackson: “Happy  Wednesday Christnell.”

TJ: “There we go now we are back. I have to fix that on my computer but Frances as in Wednesday its’the right day to do these live broadcast.”

Frances Jackson: “I think so it’s midweek. Little pick me up for everyone .”

TJ: “You guys liking Wednesdays? Do you guys prefer another day. I think Wednesday.”

Frances Jackson: “I like Wednesdays .”

TJ: “Okay cool. So I see a lot of people here Belén is here. Michael Jackson fan. Clarice. Caleb with another different Avatar. That’s what we call those things right.”

Frances Jackson: “Yeah. Hey Georgina”

TJ: “I like that one Caleb. Georgina is here. Lena is here, Veronica is here. Felipa is here.  Zanea is here with the finally. Andrea is here, Yes did I schedule this the wrong time? Okay well anyway. We are doing a Q&A and before we get into our traditional

Frances Jackson: “We try to plug it back in.”

TJ: “No no it’s plugged in.”

Frances: “Are you sure?”

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